Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two and a Half Men: Love and Vomit

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

In a sentence: Walden and Zoey each say "I love you," and Lindsay vomits everywhere from being drunk. I'm not going to dignify this episode by giving it anymore thought than I need to. It was horrific.

Two and a Half Men "Not in My Mouth" (S09E17): Zoey and Walden are on his plane and hit a patch of turbulence. Walden tells Zoey that he loves her - twice... she doesn't reciprocate. So, Walden asks Alan and Zoey what they think of the situation at his earliest convenience. They don't have much to say, though Alan later tells him that some women struggle to say "I love you," so just be patient. [this vomiting situation is disgusting.] When Walden goes to say goodbye to Zoey before she leaves for a few weeks of business in London, he confronts her about the love thing, but she says that they need to wait until she gets back. [reasonable. though it would be more reasonable if you weren't talking to a man who could just meet you there and stay for the duration of your trip...] He leaves, picking up a pretty girl in the elevator. Alan confronts him about his behavior, but he's interrupted when Zoey calls from the tarmac. She's afraid that something bad will happen if she says "I love you," because she's only said it twice before, once to Russell Brand and the other to her ex-husband. [daaaaang.] Unfortunately, Zoey is able to hear (and possibly see, since they're always using the video-phone feature) the girl, so she gets upset and hangs up. [rightfully so!]

Walden wants to fly to London to apologize, bringing along Alan as a witness that nothing happened with the girl. Lindsay comes along too, since she and Alan had a date scheduled. [impromptu free trip? heck yeah!] Lindsay gets drunk again (oh, yeah, she vomited all over Alan's bathroom earlier from her binging escapades the night before) and vomits ON ALAN, ON WALDEN, and ALL OVER THE PLANE! [this is the most disgusting thing ever. ever. ever. ever.] In London, Zoey admits that she loves Walden, but she's worried that he'll just go on a rampage every time they have a fight. [half-sensible.]

Since they left in such a hurry, the girl is still at the house, so Jake hits on her. He manages to wind up having sex with her FIVE TIMES in half an hour. Oh, and earlier in the episode Jake was hitting up Alan for $75 to buy a video game... he must have been pretty desperate because he was even willing to clean the nasty vomit bathroom for the moolah!
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS
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Anonymous said...

worst episode ever! apart from the fact that Charlie Sheen never can be replaced by anyone ever, the niveau of this commedy has come to its lowest level ever! not funny anymore!!!