Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two and a Half Men: Weathering a Storm

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Guys, this show sucks. I've been complaining about the stupid storylines and the fact that they do nothing with the hilariously-built secondary characters, but I'm serious now. This episode was actually halfway funny and it was STILL bad. A lot of that is due to the fact that so many of the jokes were stolen from other sitcoms through the years, but still. Lindsay and Zoey going at one another because of their differences in cultural mindset could have made for the best episode all season... but no. Alan and Walden heading out in torrential rain to buy tampons and ice cream could have resulted in some knee-slapping moments, but instead we're supposed to believe that Alan would cling for life and still take phone calls. Plus, that plotline was left open, so we'll just have to assume that they made it back okay... somehow. We're two-thirds of the way through the season, Ashton Kutcher has yet to sign on for more episodes, but the ratings aren't half-bad... I just want the show to end, though. Who's with me?

Two and a Half Men "Sips, Sonnets and Sodomy" (S09E16): Alan and Lindsay are spending a quiet evening at home (with Alan rubbing Lindsay's feet) when Walden and Zoey return from the opera. Lindsay complains about fat people singing in a foreign language, and Zoey accidentally offends Lindsay by talking about opera being a refines taste. [just noticed the opening now morphs Walden's face into the new, shaven look. freaky.] Then, Zoey complains to Walden about Lindsay, and Lindsay complains to Alan about Zoey. [those feces jokes were disgusting! Alan being turned on was even worse!] The ladies end up moaning loudly in the guys' respective bedrooms in an attempt to make the other one jealous. [c'mon, guys. really?] The next day is Valentine's Day, and Walden admits to Alan that Zoey's moans were faked... but Alan says that it was the best sex of his life. [haha... a little.] The ladies talk about the different things they're doing for the holiday. [I laughed at "or they could fly down on her private broom."] Unfortunately, nobody is going anywhere because a sinkhole has opened up outside the house. The girls are soon ready to go at one another's throats, and it only gets worse when the power goes out. Lindsay needs tampons and sends Alan out... and since Zoey is pissed, Walden goes with him. [really? even in that dangerous weather?] The girls actually eventually have some wine and talk about their exes, learning to co-exist to a certain extent. Meanwhile, a Walden has to save Alan from a mudslide. Alan, of course, isn't all that terrified, as he takes a phone call from Lindsay while nearly drowning... the woman wants ice cream. [shaking my head, guys.] This ends the episode. [seriously??!?]
Photo: Robert Voets/Warner Bros.
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