Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Simpsons: Rabbit -> Graffiti -> Rabbit Cage

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

To me, there are a lot of The Simpsons episodes that seem short. This was one of them. Maybe it was because there was really only one story arc (I'm not going to count Apu's micro-story), but it seemed like nothing happened. Homer has a great gift for Marge. Bart accidentally sabotages it. Homer punishes Bart. Bart takes up street art in retaliation. Bart's stencilwork is apparently noteworthy and deserves attention. Bart is punished for painting graffiti all over town. I mean, it's almost as if the plot was written as a strange cause-and-effect to an ACCIDENT. I mean, we all know that Bart can be quite the handful, but the rabbit nibbling the telephone wire wasn't actually his fault... if anything, I blame Marge. She's the one who has previous experience owning such a pet! And, if media has taught us anything, it's that stings don't normally go THAT FAR before the perpetrator is caught... he wasn't even in-action at the time! I don't know... I just wasn't a big fan. You?

The Simpsons "Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart" (S23E15): [Maybe it's because I had just watched Puss and Boots the day before, but I didn't find the "Jack and the Beanstalk" reference all that amusing in the opening (shortened) sequence. Also, the parody of Game of Thrones with the town's machines and period costumes was only slightly enjoyable.]

Lisa wakes Homer to tell him that Marge's birthday is March 19th, "tomorrow." Homer actually already bought a gift and is going to have it autographed at "Swapper Jack's" (as in, not Trader Joe's). [I'm shocked at how smart Homer's plan seems!] Paula Paul offers to call Marge live from her show to wish her a birthday, which thrills Homer even more. The next day, however, the phone never rings... the white rabbit that Bart gave Marge nibbled through the cord. [!! I've heard of this happening a dozen times... guess I'll never own a rabbit!] The voicemail reveals that Paula called four times and got angry with Marge not answering. [I'm surprised they tried multiple times... plus, wouldn't an assistant make the connection and then just patch in Paula at the right moment? none of the unanswered calls needed to be aired.]

Homer blames the junky birthday gift on Bart, who retaliates by spraypainting Homer's face and "dope" all over Springfield. [how did they get SO MANY of them all over the place without being caught in-action?] Bart and Milhouse end up starting a hobby out of doing graffiti, and are soon lured into the "art" by some older street artists. [Milhouse accidentally spraying blue paint in his mouth when going for his inhaler was almost scary! would he get ill from that?] 
Homer catches on that the caricatures are of him and boycotts Bart's gallery opening. You know, since street art is a hot new art form and all... [Why is Lisa dressed-down when Marge and Maggie are dressed-up?] After Bart gives a speech, Chief Wiggum reveals that the whole thing was a sting, as the leader of the older street artists was actually an undercover cop. [I was caught by surprise... anyone else?] Bart ends up doing a performance art piece of sorts where he's in the rabbit cage and signs autographs for people, pausing to pose for photos here and there. [just odd!]

Oh, and there was a side-story about Swapper Jack's putting Apu out of business... until it was revealed that the gourmet grocery used monkey meat for chicken. [no comment.]
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