Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dance Academy: Abigail Steals & her Sister Visits

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So, at this point, Dance Academy is kind of "just there" for me. It's not interesting enough to keep covering, it doesn't make me laugh, you kind of see where some things are going, and they really can't focus on more than one character (besides Tara) per episode. Just in case it turns around, we'll continue posting about it, but we're moving to a bullet-point format... it's a waste to give it the same treatment as other series. We still reserve the right to cut the show should the quality decline further.

Here's something interesting, though... the kids apparently take non-dance courses. This makes sense, given that they haven't graduated or anything, but it's mostly skirted on the program. To get out of Christian's room, Kat, Sammy, and Tara say they have to do anatomy homework. But, in the eleven episodes we've seen now, we've never seen them do any academic work - just dancing. You'd think that someone would have academic troubles or be working on a paper at some point... but not yet. The closest we came was Sammy showing his parents a report card, but the subjects aren't mentioned.

Dance Academy "Through the Looking Glass" (S01E10):
- Tara and Christian work better together than Abigail and Sam do. [Christian and Sam don't make bad partners, either.]
- Abigail thinks she's too heavy and breaks an heirloom mirror of Tara's when she doesn't like her reflection. [how self-centered are you to break someone else's mirror?]
- Abigail and Tara go to an antiques shoppe to look for another mirror, but Abigail is caught shoplifting and the storekeeper thinks Tara was acting as a distraction. Abigail admits to Tara that she likes getting away with things - it gives her a rush of power. The girls are banned from the store, but no criminal charges are pressed.
- Speaking of stealing things, Christian's friend, Aaron, visits overnight when he's kicked out of his living situation. The kid tells the gang stories of Christian robbing service stations. He wants to head to Indonesia and is shocked that Christian would rather stay and dance. [people change...]

Dance Academy "One Perfect Day" (S01E11):
- Sammy sends off his toe shoes for a water burial. [I guess he graduated then?]
- Abigail's sister, Paige, visits for the weekend but would rather hang out with Kat. She feels that Abigail puts too much stress on ballet, and it affected a lot of their family's homelife.  [I figured it would've, but the examples are pretty extreme!]
- Paige, Sammy, Kat, and Abigail go to an amusement park, though Abigail would prefer to practice dancing and tour the opera house. Eventually, Abigail gets on Paige's nerves and she runs off, heading back to Academy to hang with Christian. Paige apologizes and points out that Abigail is never nice to anyone. [but, will this actually change anything?]
- Ethan wants to impress an older girl so he asks Tara to be the dancer for a route he's choreographing. [yeah, okay, she looked good doing rhythmic gymnastics, but why not pick a different dancer if your goal is to impress someone?] When Ethan hits on his mentor, she leaves. Tara stays to do the piece, and after it goes well, she and Ethan kiss. [...this should definitely shake up a few things!]
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