Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Smash: Rebecca's Only Friend is Karen

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So... we know that Ellis is absolute scum and will do anything that helps him move up in the world... so how long until he puts ground peanuts into allergic-Rebecca's smoothie? The folks on this show will have to get in line to be the one to poison the woman, however! Eileen is the only one fighting for her, and Julia's been fairly neutral, but Derek, Tom, Ivy, and probably the bulk of the crew would prefer to do without her. So, when Karen begins agreeing to everything Rebecca suggests, the two become peas in a pod without considering anyone else - certainly straining her already-fragile relationship with Dev. But, the most awkward moment of the episode belongs to Eileen, who brought Nick as her date to a fancy event, where he meets Jerry. Why did Jerry bother to hold his date so closely? He's not going to get Eileen back! Anyway...

Smash "Publicity" (S01E12): Derek tells Karen that she'd make a brilliant Marilyn, much to the chagrin of an eavesdropping Ellis. So, when Ivy asks Ellis to steal someone's phone and text Karen not to come in to the workshop, Karen loses a solo ballad, and Ivy is given the song. [Ivy's blue, three-quarter length top was simple but I liked it. everyone moving around to see Ivy sing? notsomuch. and Eileen crying? totally unbelievable. oh, and what was with flashing to Eileen and Nick in bed but then back to the workshop?] Now, this wouldn't be such a big deal, except that the song was written to give Rebecca a break (it's sung as Marilyn's "inner voice"), and she was happy to give it to Karen... but now thinks Marilyn should sing it rather than Ivy. [backfired!] Rebecca actually takes quite a liking to Karen - asking her to go dancing and to dinner, even giving her designer clothes. The paparazzi are all over the two, suggesting they are "gal pals" and maybe more. Rebecca even gives Karen the opportunity to sing with one of her favorite bands, though the star really just wanted to sample Miss Cartwright's talent. Things begin to fall apart, though, when Rebecca tells Karen that boyfriends can be a problem "on the way up." [eh. I was never a big fan of Dev anyway.] Karen, hoping to smooth things over, has dinner with both Dev and Rebecca, but the discussion gets heated when the topic turns to the attention Rebecca and Karen have been receiving from the media. [here's where Dev's background as a press secretary actually means something.] Karen takes this moment to zone out and imagine herself in the much-anticipated Bollywood number. [which was just okay... nothing amazing.] By the end of the illusion, Rebecca is gone. [so she just walked out on dinner?] Back at rehearsal, in addition to being habitually late, Rebecca demands her smoothies be made a certain way, first employing the stage manager to do it (her own assistant and manager are busy trying to find a "suitable" place for her to live in Boston for eight weeks), but then Eileen pushes the responsibility onto Ellis. [Rebecca has such a diva complex!]
(Photo by: Craig Blankenhorn/NBC)
When Frank comes to Julia's to pick up Leo, the parents realize that their son has been lying about his whereabouts for days - they have no idea where he is. [this vaguely reminded me of Danny from the Ninja Turtles movie. no big reason to run away, but he's just looking for a sense of belonging.] They call the police and talk to Mason, Leo's friend. [in describing how the boy ran away and they didn't realize it, didn't they have to bring up the fact that they're separated at the moment? Then why did the cop ask if there was "trouble at home" ??] Julia goes undercover and threatens Mason outside the school, who finally admits that Leo has been sleeping in his room to hide out from it all. Julia and Frank decide to wait it out, and Leo comes home and apologizes - he was afraid of losing everything. [ this going to bring Julia and Frank back together??]
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