Thursday, April 26, 2012

South Park: Token's Got a Girlfriend

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

We've had a handful of junky episodes in a row, but this episode was above-average. No winner, but there were some great parts, and I'd watch it again. When it began, I wasn't sure where the story was going, especially considering the title. Even the teaser clip made you think that Cartman might be the one falling for new girl, Nichole. Well, it was actually Kyle... but Cartman's racist self was in love with the idea of pairing Token with Nichole, just as he apparently did with two Hispanic students earlier in the school year. Cartman's "CupidMe" and the fact that everyone was obsessed with the BatMobile were top-notch jokes throughout the episode, only getting better toward the end of the 22 minutes. Oh, and  All-4-One's "I Swear" covered by Cartman? Great stuff! The only area where this was a little weak for me was the "Cartman and Kyle are gay" part... Kyle was pretty angry with Cartman for spreading the gay rumor, but he actually did very little to help set things back to normal. And, Cartman is rather intolerant of anyone non-mainstream, so why would he be willing to say that he's gay? Oh well, I guess we'll have to wait it out on that one!

South Park "Cartman Finds Love" (S16E07): The new girl in town is Nichole, a cheerleader. Instantly, Cartman thinks that Token should match up with Nichole, as they're both black. [the history lesson was on Game of Thrones, did you catch that? niiiice.] Cartman tells a couple of the girls that Nichole might have to make the first move with Token, but when they tell her, she says that she likes Kyle. So, Cartman tells Nichole that he's with Kyle, starting a rumor which has everyone talking... and Kyle thinks that he's turned over a new leaf and is just impressing all of the girls lately! Then, Cartman arranges for Nichole and Token to be alone in the boys' locker room, complete with a platter of food and some games. [and, in true, ten-year-old naive fashion, they don't find that strange.] Nichole asks Token to lunch afterward, and Cartman is so happy that he's a successful matchmaker. He keeps it up, delivering anonymous presents to the two. [cute diary entry, too.]
photo courtesy: Comedy Central
Kyle gets basketball tickets for he and Nichole, as her friends told him that she likes basketball (and cats, for that matter). But, then he learns about Cartman's rumor, so he demands Cartman tell everyone the truth. Of course, Cartman can't be bothered with such things, as he's busy spying on the new couple to make sure things are going swimmingly. [Cartman in the caricature was supercute!] Nichole begins having second thoughts, however, when her father questions that she's only attracted to black guys. She claims that it's a coincidence. [did anyone else see the "white meat" joke coming with the turkey? not sure why, but I knew something would come of it... and it did. and why did her father find the "coincidence" thing to be suspicious? did he not know that she and Token were locked in a gym together for a while, thus getting to know one another?] Later, Nichole finds a tag on the bear that says, "to my boo, because blacks belong together," and, not knowing that the note was really from Cartman, she breaks it off with Token. Kyle asks Token if Nichole is  available, but he thinks that Kyle wants to be with him. [hahaha!] After some mourning over the failed relationship, Cartman hightails it to the arena where he gets on the MegaTron and talks about going back to your relationships, and that he and Kyle should return to being lovers. [why did everyone actually look at Kyle before they put up his picture?] He pulls another line about the Batmobile being outside to get everyone out of the arena, allowing Token and Nichole to run into one another. [a little too "boy who cried wolf" for me...] They reunite and CupidMe sets up Cartman with the poster child for halitosis. [haha! as soon as we first saw her, though, I was wondering if she and Cartman would have a storyline.]
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