Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hot in Cleveland: Joy's Wedding, Elka's Twin

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

"It's only three months." Now, I can absolutely relate to this idea. Whenever I'm stuck in a situation I'm not fond about, I persevere on the fact that I know when it will end! In this case, Joy and George know that they're not meant to be, but a short marriage could be fun. Every time they turn around, however, they're noting that the other is bothersome... but, it's only for three months, so they can make it. [if you forgot, George is dying.] But, hey! Better three months than forty years! Yep, Elka and her twin sister went forty years without seeing one another, all because of their opinions on baseball teams. The funny thing was, it took them a few days to remember that their fight began over something like that... definitely puts arguments that end friendships into perspective! Oh, and Artie's makeover being mainly that he needs to stop, think of the fourth thing he'd say, then don't say anything before it, was great! Overall, a terrific episode! Agree?

Hot in Cleveland "Bye George, I Think He's Got It!" (S03E19): Joy and George are back from a whirlwind trip to Brazil, and he proposes. [saw that coming.] As it would be such a short marriage anyway, Joy agrees, and they set the date for Friday, followed by an around-the-world honeymoon. [how luxurious!] Although Joy can handle many of George's quirks for three months, she trashes a flowery shirt of his... only to find out that he wants to be buried in it! [ouch!] Luckily, Artie has taken it from the trash and is willing to return it - in exchange for a makeover. Joy, short on time, relies on Victoria and Melanie to work the miracle. Artie's major flaw is that he isn't very good at acceptable conversation. Artie can only get things appropriate on the fourth try, but, luckily, that works for him. The ladies get the shirt back and Artie gets laid, though he's not happy without someone loving him for himself. [I could see that. But, that isn't what he asked for.]

George shares his vows with Joy early, but the line about not sleeping with anyone else for eternity catches her ear. They compromise at one year of mourning, but she has to call out his name once afterward. [the whole conversation was just creepy.] On the wedding day, it seems that neither called a minister, so Artie has to act as the officiant. [of course he's a minister. and a Mohel for that matter.] George gets a call during the ceremony, where his doctor tells him that he probably has more like two years to live, not three months. [what groom even carries around his cell phone on his wedding day? anybody important is THERE!] Both Joy and George wonder if they should still get married, as they're rushing into it for no reason. He also wants to check off some more things on his bucket list - like have sex with 300 women... so the wedding falls apart. [at least the guy showed up this time... that's an improvement over Joy's first wedding!]
There's a side story with Elka's twin arriving after forty years. At first, the girls are shocked that they never heard of her before, but they don't make a big deal of it. Neither woman remembers why they stopped talking, and both are surprised at the other's appearance - Elka has aged naturally while her sister has had multiple facelifts. [I was actually expecting more jokes on this subject.] They drink and reminisce for several days before heading out to a baseball game, which sparks their memories - the argument was related to baseball fandom and loyalty! [haha! figures.]
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