Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hot in Cleveland & Happily Divorced: Pain & Trust

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Yep, I combined Hot in Cleveland and Happily Divorced into one post again. But, don't worry, it won't happen again. Why? I'm dropping Happily Divorced. Not only does the show continue to disappoint and be almost constantly annoying, it's not getting many readers in comparison to other shows. So, say goodbye to Fran and Peter! Not before they have to save Fran's parents' marriage though. Actually, that's mostly Fran. Go figure. On the other hand, you can say hello to Betty White! The girl showed some 90-year-old leg on this episode of Hot in Cleveland, and I don't think I was the only one to be surprised! She was modeling a track suit and did a much better job doing so than the other girls did modeling Victoria's new line of shoes. Yeah, I didn't think they would last when she first mentioned them, and they certainly don't! Worst shoes ever.

Hot in Cleveland "Cruel Shoes" (S03E18): Victoria has designed a pair of heels and will debut them at Cleveland Fashion Week, using Joy and Melanie as models. [haha at the idea that you'd model togas.] Melanie is overly excited and glues a beauty mark to her face - only it slips and winds up on her chin. [funny at first but it got old fast.] When it comes time to actually take to the catwalk, the girls find the shoes to be excruciatingly painful. [figures.] It takes some quick thinking on Victoria's part, but she decides to have Melanie and Joy carry the shoes and have a wheelchair-bound model wear them, with the idea that the shoes are "high-fashion heels for the women in wheels," and not meant to be worn. Afterward, however, Elka steals the spotlight by modeling a tracksuit.
The smaller story going on involves Joy dating a guy who is going to die in about three months. [who else thinks this is a well-contrived lie?] They meet when he kisses her out of nowhere in the bar, which crosses an item off of his bucket list. Joy goes on a date with him and helps cross off several other things. They even try to initiate him into the mile-high club, but turbulence gets in the way. In the end, she tries to break up with him, but then decides to date him - they go for coffee in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to solve another bucket list item. [ridiculous, right? is the guy also loaded?]

Happily Divorced
"Newman vs. Newman" (S02E06): Fran's mother, Dori, gets Peter a client, but when it's one of her exes, Glen gets upset. [Dori created that problem. if she knows how her husband is, there's no reason for giving up every detail and incriminating herself further.] Dori ends up moving to Fran's, but after three days, she's already rearranging the furniture and frustrating her daughter. [totally believable.] Fran And Judy take out Dori so she can be reacquainted with how difficult being single is, but she's hit on immediately. [she'd have to be, in order for it to be funny.] Fran tells Dori that she needs to appreciate Glen, but Dori complains that Glen only wants sex. Peter misunderstands his instructions and brings Glen to the club, but he sees Dori dancing with another guy and it throws off everything. [ya think?!] The next day, Fran goes to Marilyn's and pays her to flirt with Glen just a little - enough to make Dori jealous. Then, she tells Dori that women were flocking around Glen at the pool, but rather than get jealous, Dori decides to head over and get a few items out of the condo. [I didn't get this train of thought, but that's okay.] When she gets there (with Peter and Fran in tow), they see Marilyn, which sparks Glen and Dori to make up - he agrees to see more theatre and she agrees not to hang out with other guys. [and, just like that, the problems are solved. EYE ROLL.]
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