Friday, April 20, 2012

Suburgatory: Coincidences

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Forget Lisa looking for a one-month anniversary gift for Malik - that was a dud one-liner in this episode. Instead, think about the two competing plotlines - George falls for a woman who turns out to be Noah's surrogate, and Mr. Wolf and Alan adopt a dog that turns out to be Dallas' (which Dalia "swept" out of the house). Both are strange coincidences which could have made for decent episodes. Ergo, you'd think that they'd shine when matched together. However, the overall link wasn't there and the episode as a whole fell a bit short. The stories had no connections with one another, and that weakened the entire thing. And, for being a big fan of Clueless, I wasn't in love with the actors reuniting... though I immediately suspected Eden was pregnant when I saw her... not sure why! what did you think?

Suburgatory "Entering Eden" (S01E19): At the farmer's market, George meets Eden, who treats him to an all-natural smoothie. [fastest smoothie-maker EVER.] George has an allergic reaction and winds up in the hospital, but at least Eden goes with him, gives him her number, and kisses him. [I'm sure that made the whole experience much more pleasant!] Later, Noah shares good news with George - he and Jill are expecting! Noah and Jill go out to celebrate with George, who invites along Eden. Except, when it turns out that Eden is actually the surrogate for Noah and Jill's child, things get weird for George and Eden to date. Noah actually forbids the relationship to continue, but George eventually wears him down to allowing George to date Eden, as long as the relationship isn't physical until after the baby is born. [so weird. ] George finds Eden and thinks look promising - though he really isn't into the organic food the way she is!

Dallas smashes crystal and Tessa sweeps it up to sell the shards as "crystal tears of heaven." [what?? and you buy it by the pound?? is this a thing??] Dalia comes in and criticizes Tessa's sweeping, then later "sweeps out" Dallas' dog, Yakult. Dallas panics and demands Tessa help find the canine. [interesting chairs in George's kitchen.] Tessa suggests that they check the security cameras in the Royce home, and they see what Dalia did. Dallas thanks Tessa for being a good person, which guilts Dalia enough to ask her friends for help, as she doesn't want her mother angry with her.

While this is going on, Mr. Wolf wants to get a pet with his lover, Alan, but Alan doesn't like to "show off" their relationship in public and is afraid that a dog would just get messy if they broke up later. So, when Mr. Wolf finds Yakult in the street and brings it home "as a sign," the couple names the dog Hanson, buy outfits for it, and go for a walk in matching cardigans. [from one end of the spectrum to the other!] So, when Tessa asks Mr. Wolf to put up a flyer about the missing dog, his peculiar
reactions get her thinking. She and Dalia go to Mr. Wolf's apartment complex after school and see him with the dog. After an elaborate chase scene (yeah, they even jumped from the roof of one building to another), they follow him right into his apartment and take Yakult home on Tessa's scooter. [so it's rideable now. cool.] Alan and Mr. Wolf make up and decide to get a dog of their own, and Tessa gives Dalia the credit for finding Yakult for Dallas.
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