Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Secret Life: George & Kathleen Heating Up

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I thought that the Adrian/Omar/Ben/Dylan storyline was ridiculous. If Dylan can't drive yet, how does she get all over the city? I don't see LittleMissPrivateSchool taking the bus. I also thought that showing Anne with the boutique owner was a waste of time - either make her gay or don't. But, as we already have gay characters on this show, what's the point? Similarly, Amy needs to grow up - if George wants to go back to his first wife, what's it matter? George and Anne have been on the outs for YEARS, and now that Amy doesn't hate Grace, what difference would it really make? Speaking of Grace, I don't like that Kathleen is going to give her the guest house. Grace already did some major disobeying when she dropped out of MedCamp and moved to Adrian's for the summer, not to mention that she's been spending a lot of time thinking about a relationship with Jack, which also goes against the vow to avoid boys over the summer. I wish we'd see ore of the Leo-Camille storyline, even if it reminds me of Monica & Richard on Friends. Having one partner be a bit older than the other complicates things when it comes to having children, but giving Betty the screentime with Leo instead isn't furthering anything. I think it's ridiculous that we're still seeing so much of Betty...

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Strange Familiar" (S04E20): Kathleen has to go pick up Tom and Jacob at the police station, so she asks George to give her a ride. [remember that Tom was driving without a license. My question is, however, did the police tow the car to an impound lot already? If not, it's still sitting in the middle of nowhere and she can worry about picking it up when it's daylight out...] He wants to help, but Amy won't come watch Robbie and Nora says that others would get mad if anything happened to the baby under her watch. Ricky is happy to go help, but Amy doesn't want anyone to do anything if it helps George be with Kathleen. [you know, because if Amy isn't happy, nobody's happy.] Kathleen also tells George that her current marriage is over, so he calls Anne in France to make sure that there's no hope for reconciliation. Nope! That frees him up to talk about being with Kathleen more seriously, and she starts getting pretty flirty, too.

George offers to pay Amy just to be available to watch Robbie at the drop of a hat so George can get back his personal life. She doesn't want to quit her job at the nursery OR be available at a moment's notice, reminding George that you can't have a baby AND a normal life. [I dunno. In my opinion, they've never showed Amy to really miss out on much because she's a mother. Aside from quitting band, what has she lost out on?] George then pulls a jerk move and runs out of the house, leaving Amy to watch Robbie. Amy interrogates Nora, learning that George is probably in love with Kathleen. Nora tells Ricky about it, and he asks her not to fall for Anne, no matter what. [not only would that be more incestuous than the group on Beverly Hills, 90210 was, but this show doesn't need additional relationships at all!] George and Kathleen talk about the complications to their relationship - Robbie needs care for another 18 years and Tom will likely always need a little help - but Kathleen really needs to wait until everything is finalized with her third divorce. [I particularly liked George talking about how Ashley might never make it in life, either.] George forces Nora to babysit later on so he can go out. [eh. why spend so much time early in the episode looking at why she couldn't provide childcare only to stick her with it later?] Meanwhile, in France, Anne forgets her passport at a shoppe and goes back for it - the owner is into her, and speaks English so she heard a conversation between Anne and Ashley, that is implied to be about Anne questioning her sexuality. [I'm sick of this show pretending that India Eisley still acts. IMDB even still credits her in these episodes!] Anne declines doing anything with the woman, however. [but I bet she'll do something with somebody one of these days...]

Kathleen tells Grace that she needs to talk to Jacob, and if they can work out their relationship, Grace can move into the guest house. (Rachel and her kids are moving out immediately because of what happened with Tom and Rachel's car.) Tom moves back into his old room and Jacob moves into Grace's room. (Tom, by the way, only got a warning for driving without a license. He's really upset about Rachel leaving and decides to quit his job over it.) Jacob uses this excuse as an opener to talk to Grace - he asks if she minds if he paints the room. The two wind up in a contest over who their father loved more. ["I love your continent." seriously, Grace?] Later, they go to the golf course, where Mr. Bowman's ashes were scattered. Jacob shares that his mother went to med school with their father, and they ran into one another years later, although Kathleen believes that they first met shortly before Jacob was conceived. [oh good. another secret. just what this show needed...]

Elsewhere, Adrian goes to the butcher shop to tell Ben that the divorce is official, and she's grateful for everything he did for her and that it's nice that they can part amicably. He's shocked and decides to cancel on Dylan to go see Adrian after work. [loved the "hey, at least she married me" dig at Ricky!] Adrian wants to talk to Grace, but settles for Omar, with whom she has sex and then wants to be alone. [that's the old Adrian! hope she's coming back!] Omar is beginning to question their future, however, which only becomes more complicated when Dylan comes by. [SO.SICK.OF.DYLAN.] Ben arrives, but soon leaves to get some food for the group. He winds up at the same pizza place where Amy is picking up some dinner for herself and Ricky and they get to talking. [Ben & Amy were a couple I always liked on this show, but I think that their time has come and gone.] 
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