Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Secret Life: Being Happy

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

What was the point in having us watch Ben and Dylan each get ready for their date for so long? Not that anything the two of them do has a point. Even their little front-porch-prank was stupid and annoying. Though, at least nobody was injured on the way home. With Tom out driving and Ben and Dylan going where they weren't supposed to, I really assumed that there would be an accident between their vehicles. Instead, Dylan and Ben get away with their shenanigans while Tom will likely be charged for operating a motor vehicle without a license. I don't think he'll get into all that much trouble, but I wonder if his city job will be threatened? Speaking of jobs, it occurred to me that we've never actually seen Amy at the nursery, have we? And the whole fact that it's run by the church has been dropped. Actually, all religious aspects of this show (which was basically Grace's family and Jack's family) have fallen by the wayside, which is odd when you consider Jack's parents are back in town. I have a feeling that a lot will change when we move into the first few "college" episodes for Adrian, Ricky, Ashley, and Jack... I also wonder how we're going to keep Dylan and her friends involved after the school year starts, but I don't really care about them anyway.

Secret Life of the American Teenager "The Splits" (S04E19): It's Dylan's first date ever, so her parents take a lot of photos. ["and if you're going to make out, make out in the driveway." her mother is ridiculous. And Cuban cigars? bratty rich kids!] Ben takes Dylan to a restaurant that he frequents, wanting a good experience. But, Dylan is jealous that Amy and Adrian both went there with Ben, too. So, when she pushes for him to take her to the butcher shop, he agrees. [this is a girl whom trouble just follows....] In making out, they knock over stuff and wake
up Ricky and Amy, who invite them in for a minute. [they're fast asleep at 11pm. toddler or not, they're still teenagers! live a little!] It quickly comes out that Amy and Ben were fake-married before, so Dylan gets upset again. [haha! yes! I had forgotten about that!] Then, she finds out that he had sex in Bologna. [yet she doesn't seem to care all that much.] Later, Ricky wants the truth about Amy's hesitation to marry, and she admits that she's afraid of being a young divorcee. [not a bad point, but also not a great one.] 

Camille is hanging out with Leo when Betty shows up (again in her varsity jacket) to thank him for everything he's done for her, but also to say that she misses him and isn't used to living alone. [this girl seriously needs some friends. stat.] She's thinking of living on-campus so she's around people more, and Leo tells her to do whatever she wants. Camille gets uncomfortable and leaves. Leo goes to Camille's, and she tells him that she wants to have children. [yep, this definitely gives Leo a lot to think about! His only son is about to graduate from HS... who wants to think about more children at that point??] 

Adrian tells Grace that having a brother isn't a tragedy, and that she should just talk to him. [that's a good way to put it.] Grace goes to Jack's and they end up kissing. Omar goes to Adrian's and learns that she feels like a loser for being a young divorcee. He supports her anyway. [I'm tired of these two... let's make Adrian a slut again in college.]

Jacob wants to go talk to Grace at Adrian's, but Kathleen tells him to wait until Grace warms up to the idea. [eh. I think that Kathleen should try harder to get Grace to come to terms with the changes in their lives.] Tom offers to take Jacob to Adrian's, using Rachel's car. Rachel has told Tom he can't drive it (he has no license or insurance), but Tom lies to Jacob and tells him everything is fine. [why does Tom even want to drive Jacob to Adrian's?] Tom winds up getting pulled over and only has a fishing license.
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