Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two and a Half Men: Charlie's Back, as a Ghost

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Why isn't Charlie's ghost in khaki shorts? That's my biggest complaint of the episode. You know, aside from my usual NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. Here, we had Zoey trying to keep Alan out of the house and Alan coming up with a ridiculous scheme to keep the status quo. Things were slightly complicated by the fact that Alan was trying to move back, a mild heart attack, and the ghost of Charlie messing with his brother, but it was still the same basic junk. Now that the main three actors (which counts Jake, though I wouldn't) have come close to signing for a potential tenth season, I'm officially saying it - I'm out. Two episodes to go so I'll finish up this season, but if the show is renewed, you'll have to find another site to read about it.

Two and a Half Men "Why We Gave Up Women" (S09E22): Zoey thinks things are going well, so Walden keeps quiet about not wanting Ava around. So, when Alan shows up with his luggage, Walden has to tell him to come back later, but Alan has a heart attack. [Walden thinking that he was faking was funny.] Walden is willing to pay for the expenses, but he has to check the "domestic partner" box on the forms. [this probably should have come off funnier than it was.] It's the real thing, too, and Alan needs to have a little less stress in his life for a while. [shame on Zoey for thinking he's faking!] Alan hears Jake talk about getting in trouble at school for having pot in his locker, then learns that Lyndsey doesn't want to care for him. Later, he sees
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Charlie's ghost, not recognizing him at first in his new form. You know, because, in hell, it's "eternal damnation" to have to parade around in another body. "Charlie" tells Alan to stop being a parasite and get his own place if he wants to turn his life around. So, when he gets out of the hospital, Alan stops by the beach house to give Walden his forwarding address, then heads to a new, very small, very rundown place without a kitchen. "Charlie" reappears to Alan, saying that he just wanted him out of his house, at long last. [sadly, I thought that was the best joke of the episode. for a comedy. shame.] So, Alan decides to go back to Walden's, where he fakes a heart attack, and, because Walden doesn't want Alan's death on his conscience, he'll be welcomed back to Malibu once again.
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