Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2 Broke Girls: No More Nannying

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Why don't they make money from the cupcakes they sell in the diner? It was a big point earlier on in the season that Max makes at least six to bring in every shift. They must sell, otherwise she'd stop doing it. Yeah, we're talking small amounts of chump change, but it's got to add up, right? Why don't they count that money in their cupcake savings? The only reason I could come up with is because Max already counts on that money as steady income, so it's not actually "extra." Overall, this episode was kinda weak. All it did was free up some more of Max's time while making the girls' budget even tighter. And, we learned that Caroline is afraid of rats. Nothing big. The whole storyline wound up dragging on, the Oleg-Sophie plot seemed forced, the usage of Han was poor, and Earl was reduced to two or three decent lines. And why bother having a big lottery-ticket-checking opening moment for no reason other than throwing in yet another sex joke? I mean, Max's bra being "where everybody else gets lucky" was one of their cleaner hits, but it was still a bit of a miss. Did anything from this episode stand out to you?

2 Broke Girls "And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough" (S01E22): Sophie has a cleaning job for the girls, but it interferes with a crafts fair where they had planned
Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros
to market their cupcakes. [what kind of "crafts fair" is all foods? I laughed at Max's comment about the girls being herpes, and that "scaring people into participating is Scientology."] It's not going well, so they leave to take the cleaning job. [potatoe leek? I guess we're supposed to believe that Oleg and Han can't spell, and that Caroline can't be bothered to look at the board and check spelling errors?] Caroline gets them a job making 60 cupcakes with buttercream frosting, but Max doesn't want to work with buttercream AND she doesn't want to do a job that Caroline secured by using Max's connection with Peach. [the photoshoot for the babies? I'm not even going to comment.]

At you might expect, there's a 20-minute delay on the subway, followed by the train having to be evacuated. There's a gap in the path and Caroline is afraid to jump, so by the time they make it to the party, the frosting has broken down and the cupcakes are ruined. [why in the world did Caroline give the cupcakes to Maria and not Max or the serviceman?] The client even demands that Peach fire Max, but Peach later apologizes and offers Max the job back. Max surprises everyone by turning down the offer in order to spend more time on the cupcake business. [here's an interesting difference between me and Max. She's never left a job without having another lined up and the only time I've ever had two jobs finish and start back-to-back was when I was 19 and had about a week between my very first job ending and my second job beginning. every time since then there have been larger gaps.] 

A short storyline taking place during all of this is that Oleg and Sophie have broken up, but have sex in front of Han to prove that it wasn't that good anyway. We also learn that they've never kissed. [Pretty Woman, much?] 

Cupcakery Savings Total: $675.00
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