Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cake Boss: Liberty, Basketball, Beer, Flowers

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So this show is starting to get old. I mean, the cakes are getting bigger and more complicated, but the formulaic structure is becoming boring to me... We see one or two clients, sometimes get a cake rendering, then see the cakes getting built and delivered. They usually throw in some sort of family drama, be it a prank or a disagreement or even just the kids, and now they try to give Marissa (the Next Great Baker) at least thirty seconds of screentime. I mean, flipping through the sketchbook and the finished cake photos are almost all you have to do anymore... I'm not saying that I'm considering dropping this show, because I really enjoy it, but I'm not sure how much time it has left, either. I realize that not a whole lot has changed in the show's layout at all, so maybe I'm just in a funk with this show... we'll see.

Cake Boss
"Liberty, Layups & a Loaded Dinner" (S05E05):
The guys ride the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, which is turning 125 and needs a cake. They go up inside, then see Ellis Island and find records of Buddy's grandfather and great-grandfather. [although my grandmother has already done all of that genealogy, I still want to give it a look one day.] The guys make the base of the cake one piece and the statue another, because they're limited by 8 feet to get through doorways, but for the Statue of Liberty, it's gotta be HUGE! [Buddy's words.] Grace wants Lady Liberty to smile, though Ralph tells her that's a change that Mary would want. [lmao. and taking the cake on the ferry was amusing.]

Bob Hurley's wife comes in to order a cake for her high-school-basketball-coach-husband, who has been coaching for forty years and has won many championships. [apparently everyone in the area recognizes the name.] The cake is four-tiered red velvet with gold filling. [yum!] The cake contains achievements he's reached, but is fairly traditional. They interrupt a practice to present the cake.

Mary is still mad at Buddy. Mauro came to the US in 1976 from Milan and is finally getting sworn-in as an American citizen. After all this time, he wants to vote, and that's what pushed him to go through the process. [oooook.]

Cake Boss "Bar Mitzvah, Beads & Oh Baby!" (S05E06):
With Mardi Gras coming up, a King Cake is ordered. [again, the actual dates are always screwy.] Joey makes the cake and has to play around with it to make it look good, as it's not the fanciest cake. Anthony and Maurizio mess around while Buddy is in a consultation, so Buddy wants to teach them a lesson. [lmao. "if you're good today, I'll let you come on the delivery." yes, Daddy. and, when it's delivered, the recipient doesn't seem too thrilled.] Anthony starts hitting on a girl who just happens to be the one with whom Buddy involved in a prank. He gets her number and everything before Buddy says that it's a man. [eh. not the best joke ever, but everyone else has already written about it anyway.]

They have to make a cake for a mysterious Bar Mitzvah in Las Vegas, so they do a 3/4 basketball stadium with an outer look of the Venetian. [interesting mix. I thought it was weird that the client was never revealed, though they do show the kid and graphics of him...] Buddy wants to put a working slot machine on top of the cake, too, but that requires trusting outsiders, which is tough. The court is a tad too wide so they have to take off some of the decorations to slide it into the rest of the cake. [didn't seem to be too bad.] The cake arrives in Las Vegas without any issues. The bakers take a gondola ride while at the Venetian and push Maurizio into the water.

We see a shot of Marissa working the mixer, and Buddy hints that he has more in store for Maurizio and Anthony as well. [whatevs.]

Cake Boss "Beer, Buttercups & Bumbling" (S05E07): [what's with all of the fast-forward videos?] They're making a cake for a local brewery, complete with the ability to dispense beer. Danny makes beer icing. Marissa makes the logo. [you know, because we have to see Marissa doing something.]
Two florists are getting married at a flower show, which requires absolute perfect flowers. Mauro heads up the cake and they go to Lowe's to look for lava rocks and tikis for the tropical theme. They go to the Philadelphia Flower Show to witness the nuptials. [we didn't actually get any close-ups of how those spectacular flowers were made, which was a little disappointing.]

Cousin Jay from Florida is in charge of a cake delivery in his home state. On the return, they accidentally put regular gasoline in a diesel truck, and it's stuck in Savannah. Buddy gives Jay a big lecture about responsibility, and Joey reminds him that he's getting no special treatment. It'll be a week before they find out just how much damage has been done. [I was kinda shocked that it happened after 4-5 full-ups that went fine, but I can also understand it... you just get in a groove and you do what you're used to. I mean, my husband and I have two cars, and while they both take gasoline, one fills up on the driver's side and one on the passenger's... so sometimes I'll pull up to the pump on the wrong side, especially if I've been driving the green car for a while but then drive the silver one. but the diesel thing sucks much more than getting out of the car, realizing what you did, and having to get back in and join a different line.]
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