Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cake Boss: Cakes with Cars & Seuss Stuff

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Have we given up showing the 3D renderings? Not like it would have really mattered on the car wash cake, anyway - they flat-out admitted that very little of that creation was edible. Remember when they made a point to use very little you couldn't eat? Alright, enough with the gripes. (oh, there was no sign of Marissa in either episode, by the way.) I actually LOVED the second episode! I thought that the fun and the merriment of the Dr. Seuss cake couldn't be beat, plus the planning that Lisa and everyone went through to give Buddy a surprise birthday party was awesome. I was a little surprised that he's only 35, but I guess he's been working hard for a long time. On the other hand, Mary, the "hardly worker," is back and I'm rather annoyed. I'm not sure how long she was actually gone, but it didn't necessarily seem long enough to have made a difference in the way anything goes anyway. Are you glad she's back? Were you hoping she'd stay MIA longer? WASN'T THAT DR. SEUSS CAKE AMAZING??!?!?

Cake Boss "Working at the Car Wash" (S05E09): Buddy has a friend in the car wash business and they're up to 1,000,000 washes... so they want a cake that actually washes a replica car. [oooook...] The staff is skeptical but Buddy has an idea... they use a car cake mold for the car to wash, cut up a treadmill for a conveyor belt, use licorice for the brush strips, and put in some plexiglass they can have water against... only it leaks. [up until that point, though, they were doing awesome!] Buddy has to get inside to do some installations, which, of course, leads to some jokes from the guys. [hahaha! especially Ralph's comments!] We get to watch it work, as odd as it may be. [the logo looked really nice.]

Mauro does a consultation for a 75th wedding anniversary cake. [WHOA!] They do a tiered cake with round and hexagonal layers, incorporating some then-and-now pics on there, piping and flowers, and a cake topper. [kinda plain, but I adore Mauro and Madeline together, so I thought it was a sweet segment.] 

It's been a few weeks since Mary was told to leave the bakery and she's ready to be back, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Buddy accepts her but tells her that she can't sit around doing her makeup at her desk anymore. [haha!] She's supposed to help Mauro with consultations. [can we groan on the count of three?] We see her searching vacation sites at work and trying to get out of acquiring supplies the proper way. [is pronouncing "requisition" as "requestion" a regional thing...?]

Cake Boss "Silly Seuss & Surprise" (S05E10): The Mayor of Newark calls Buddy to make a Dr. Seuss-inspired cake to excite kids about literacy. The guys dig through a pile of books at the bakery to figure out what pops out to them. [Buddy: "I don't think it's going to be that bad" Frankie: "I hate it when you say that." ha! and LOVING THE COLORS! and the DETAIL!!!] We hear Ralph talking like Dr. Seuss and Buddy mixing up some words - "gazmos & gidgets." In the end, the cake was full of movement and detail and well-received.

WifeLisa is planning a surprise 35th birthday party at a bowling alley and asks the guys to put together something great. Mauro has an idea to do a family cake with plates of food and namecards, but Grace wants the cake to be better than a table of food. They wind up doing three tiers for the different bakery locations, a cream puff cake for Buddy's dad, and a sculpted Buddy on the very top. [The six-pack showing through the chef's coat was funny, though I'm starting to find it off that he goes EVERYWHERE in his chef's coat.]
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