Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pregnant in Heels: Traveling & Dating

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Why are the first words out of Rosie's mouth (aside from "hi, how are you?") are "can we sit over here?" ?? So weird. Otherwise, this was a pretty good episode. Rosie had a minimal but interesting storyline of her own, one client wanted to make her baby conform to her lifestyle (the impossible are always great) and the other was kinda lost in how pregnancy can affect dating. I thought it was a bit awkward that Rosie convinced Akua that her friends need to take some baby boot camp lessons, but I was very impressed with Akua's knowledge at the same time, so maybe her friends just needed a push to take things seriously. I was also pretty moved by the dinner that Rosie arranged for Akua to show how much she's cared for. Back on the other clients... well... let's hope that Seth calms down around crying, or that's just not going to work out...

Pregnant in Heels "The Pregnancy Dating Dilemma" (S02E08): Rosie and Daron go to the doctor's office and have the doctor write down the sex of the unborn child and put it in an envelope so that they can find out together in the place where they first met. It's going to be a girl! [no updates on the speech therapy.] 

Client 1
: Aimee and Seth are due in 6 weeks. Aimee is 36 and wants a flexible baby - one that will blend into their lifestyle. He's a real estate lawyer and she works in fashion - but she'll be a SAHM now. They do a lot of traveling (both big trips and day trips) and they want to keep that up (along with their independence) after they have a child. They aren't big on schedules and don't want to do that with their kid, and it doesn't help that they look down on their friends who are rigid because of their children. [...oh boy.] At the same time, they've never met a baby that's as "flexible" as they want theirs to be. [don't you think that's a sign...?] When asked what they'd need to pack to spend a day away from home, they can't get past the diapers and wipes... though there's still things like bottles, toys, a change of clothes, pacifiers, clothes, food, spoon, teething toy, blankets, sunblock, changing pad being the bare minimum. So, Rosie brings the robot baby along for a day-trip to the Benmarl Winery, the type of trip they do 2-4 times/month. The baby starts crying and Aimee tries using a toy, then Rosie suggests she feed it - but Aimee removes the baby from the carseat. [um, whoa.] They pull over so Aimee can take it out of the seat safely, and Seth begins to panic, as he can't stand the sound of crying. [cue everyone watching to wonder how he's going to take parenthood...] At the vineyard, Seth is upset that they're missing the tour to care for the baby. [even in jest, why ask the group of strangers to help care for the child?] Later, while Seth is taking part in the tastings, Aimee changes the baby calmly but is frustrated that Seth is having a better time than she is. [yeah, I can see that!] On the way back, Aimee drives and Seth takes care of the baby, but he'd rather drive. [because nobody saw THAT coming!] They all have dinner to digest the day - maybe a winery wasn't the best choice, and maybe they should have pre-discussed who should care for the baby during which part of the day. Another day, Rosie introduces them to some other couples with children, and they ask questions about how their relationship will change and what they can still do. They worry that having a child won't be worth it. [not gonna lie, I know multiple people who don't think they should have had children, and that terrifies me.] Later, when Rosie meets baby Beckett, Aimee and Seth mention that they're on a schedule and do whatever their little girl wants. [ha!] They've joined a wine club and enjoy drinking at home. [odd update.]

Client 2: Akua is a former model and an independent filmmaker who will be a single mom with no family around to support her. The father is ignoring her, and while she has three close friends, she wants to be back in love, though. [understandable.] She wants help dating while pregnant - not finding men to date, but how to act on the dates. [did all of her previous skills get flushed from her memory?] Additionally, Rosie also wants to help Akua's three friends learn some skills to help care for the baby, so they learn to swaddle, burp, change, etc. [I was a bit shocked at how freaked out the women were by what could be inside the diaper.] Then, in the "dating class," Akua learns that it's not about auditioning him to be a father, it's about him being a potential partner. They talk about what to wear, not to talk about their exes on the first date, don't ask him to touch her belly, don't ask him if he wants children (weird and creepy!), don't talk about baby name ideas, and don't have sex in the missionary position. Akua is still nervous and wants Rosie to be there, but Rosie suggests that they set up a hidden cameras and give her a mic and an earpiece so that Rosie can give her advice if it's needed. [cue Cyrano!] The guy makes it clear that he knows she's pregnant, says that she's stylish, then they talk about work, travel, and then Akua flat-out asks what he thinks of dating a pregnant woman. It works out okay but when he asks her interests, she comes up with nothing. [she is terribly socially awkward in this moment!] Akua then offers to let him feel the baby kick, talks about food cravings and pregnancy restrictions, and hardly is able to discuss her career without jumping right back into the drama in her life again. [part of me wonders if she entirely misunderstood ALL of Rosie's advice!] She can't seem to think of other things to talk about and gets ready to cry, so he lightens things up with "a toast to friendship." [...yeah... that's the end of that!]
Rosie wants to cheer up Akua, who says that she's still upset that a baby isn't coming after she's found the one she's going to be with for the rest of her life. Rosie and Akua's friends all get together for a night out to remind Akua that her puzzle may not be "complete," but she still has a great life. When Rosie meets Nnamdi, Akua says that she has all of the love she needs right now, though her friends do step in to watch the 3-month-old when Akua dates. [anyone catch how to say that name? Normally we hear it...] 

Mummy IQ:
If you're out for a day with the baby, what do you need to bring?
How often does a newborn baby breastfeed? (every 2-3 hours)
At what age should the baby be able to roll over? (5-6 months)
How many wet diapers should a 4-day-old baby have? (4 days old, 4 dirty diapers)
What's tummy time? (baby exercises it's upper body muscles)
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