Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Exes: Holly & Haskell, Stuart & Phil

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

When we first saw Holly wearing shoes that are clearly too small for her feet, I thought it was a ten-second gag. Little did I realize that they would be the impetus to one of the funniest parts about this episode! Though, hands down, the best joke was Stuart not realizing that the two black guys in the bar AREN'T Phil's two black friends from the previous night! It only made me laugh harder when Phil later said that everyone was cool with it and they want to mix up and see if Stuart could name them! I don't really get how you could make that mistake after spending a couple of hours with the original duo, but whatever. Holly & Haskell's hilarity made up for it.

The Exes "Cool Hand Lutz" (S02E03): [anybody else flashback to Step by Step's JT and Cody pouring chocolate sauce in their mouths when Phil squeezes mustard into his?] Stuart wants to hang out with Phil, but the latter has plans to see some old buddies. But, when Stuart shows up at the regular bar, he tries to mesh with Phil's friends anyway. [what a prickish thing to do.] Phil later tells Stuart that he took over the evening, but Stuart thinks everyone had a great time. [I didn't think that the milk mustache was that funny.] Stuart goes down to the bar and buys a round of beers for two guys who he thinks are Phil's friends, but he soon realizes his mistake. [WTF do you do in that situation??] Everyone thought it was hilarious, though, so Phil tells him that he's not as dorky as he thought.

Haskell needs a practice date, and Phil suggests Holly fill the role. She reluctantly agrees, and they set up something at a local Italian place. When Holly arrives, Haskell is already eating - she's late because he didn't pick her up. He also fails at getting her chair for her, then fusses about the menu prices. [geez.]
However, things get better when Haskell gets to talking - he was a professional bowler, which is how he met his ex-wife, Margot. The date goes well in the end, though the kiss gets to be a little more than Holly was shooting for. Holly tells Eden that she's worried Haskell is now interested in her. [eh... I wouldn't be.] Haskell invites Holly to go out again, and as she goes to let him down gently, but when he offers to massage her feet (which have been crammed into too-small shoes for days), she winds up agreeing in ecstasy. [a footgasm? really?] The next time that she sees him, he starts trying to get to know her, but she orders him to do the foot thing again and he realizes he has to let her down. There's a misunderstanding with Haskell believing that Holly's interested in him, but they get past it.
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