Monday, July 23, 2012

Falling Skies: Spiders are the New Enemy

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, I was aware of the spiders already, and kinda figured that Jamil would die in the process, but if he's considered the "fairly major character" who passed on, I'm kinda pissed. This means that Comic-Con gave no special info to their panel attendees about anything that took place more than nine days in advance. Regardless, I was completely taken aback by Karen tricking Ben! While I enjoy a good twist as much as the next person, Ben's constant hijacking of the plot is getting old. Perhaps his "heading off" storyline will save us for a few episodes, but I highly doubt that he'll be leaving for an extended period. On that note, I was a bit thrown by how emotional Tom made Ben's departure... we know he'll miss his son, particularly because he's lost him before, but to recap the experience of dropping off a preschooler was a bit much, don't you think? Maybe if I was a parent I would feel differently?

Falling Skies "Molon Labe" (S02E07): Ben and Karen stumble through the woods, looking for the "right group of skitters" when we learn that Karen led Ben to the "real skitters" to reveal that Ben has been in contact with "the rebel leader." [seriously, does ANYONE like Karen? because the writing sure makes it difficult!] Luckily, Hal, Tom, and the 2nd Mass show up and unleash their weaponry, and one of the fishheads is brought back to camp. [for what? how dumb is Tom? and how were they in the right area, anyway?] As expected, the Mecs come after their leader and Karen is their voice, asking for the fishhead immediately. Ben doesn't like being near the fishhead, as it's trying to get into his brain to find information. Then, when the fishhead uses Ben to communicate with Tom, it makes the point of humans being crippled with sentiment when it forces Ben into convulsions until Tom demands it stop. [these things have no compassion. got it.] Tom then shoots the creature, but Anne must patch him up, as the situation is dire, and killing the hostage isn't the smartest idea. They let Karen find out about the injury, and she acts out in rage toward Tom. The 2nd Mass gives her two options: either they are allowed to leave peacefully or they will blow up the entire floor, killing the fishhead leader and Karen. [well, when you put it that way...] She chooses the former and the plan is just to roll on straight to Charleston, about 500 miles. [how have you "heard" that there's fresh fish and lobster there? from the plane girl?]

Now, let's cover what else was going on while the 2nd Mass had the fishhead locked up... everyone was preparing to roll out anyway, so Anne, Lourdes, and Matt went to the hospital basement to load-up on supplies. When everything starts going down, Jamil is sent to find them, but when they come upon him, he's lying on the ground, infested with spiders. [yes, that's right. They poured out of his body. gross, I know.] These spiders can eat through metal, so the trio runs off but wind up trapped. They have to send Matt through a vent for help, while Lourdes is reeling from Jamil's death and Anne constructs a makeshift flamethrower to ward off the newest enemy. [I'm not making this up.] 
Photo: James Dittiger
Luckily, Tom, Pope, and Hal are nearby because they were checking out the spiders, which Maggie and Hal came across in trying to find an alternate way to escape the hospital. They wind up only losing Jamil to the spiders, though the 2nd Mass did have some casualties by way of the scouts, too.
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