Monday, June 25, 2012

Falling Skies: Moving On Again

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Tom was injured last week, Jimmy was injured this week... anyone wonder if that's going to be a recurring theme this season? If so, I'm willing to bet that it's Matt next episode. I like the idea that they're heading south toward Charleston, but it's quite the journey, so I imagine that they'll only just reach it as the season wraps up, so be prepared to watch the 2nd Mass travel for quite a few episodes. This could be interesting, especially when attacks cause immobilization of the wounded and the medvan has to fall behind the convoy. I also foresee the scouts to become overtired, as they'll constantly be on the lookout and moving, whether it's to see what's ahead, come back and report, or travel with the group... they really need to get some transmission communication working. Perhaps Weaver could have discussed that more with Avery, as they've allegedly been getting in touch with Europeans!

Falling Skies "Compass" (S02E03): Tom thinks that they need to get moving again, and Dr. Glass agrees. She may be the only one attempting to keep track of the calendar anymore, which is curious right up until you find out that she is still attempting to remember the deceased, like the birthday of her son, Sammy. [awww.] Tom talks to Weaver about moving, and the plan is to go north to the Catskills for the winter. On his way back, Tom hears something and stumbles upon Pope, who has assembled a group to get rid of Tom, calling him "an alien stooge." [how much more can they make us hate Pope?] They take him to the woods, but Ben and Jimmy find them and rescue Tom. See, Ben and Jimmy have been going beyond the boundaries of their patrol in order to "hunt Skitters." [yeah, this is a GREAT idea... ::eye roll::] This is of interest particularly because the 2nd Mass believes that there are none within 100 miles or so. Anyway, Weaver's solution is to leave behind Pope and his Berserkers when everyone else leaves. Except, many people still wonder if Tom is a walking time bomb, so he volunteers to be assigned to the Berserkers' squad, so he can keep an eye on Pope. [not 100% sure of Tom's logic there, but whatever.] 

Jimmy is impaled by a branch while on patrol, so Ben admits to hunting Skitters at night. The Berserkers go on patrol and do find some Skitters nearby, and Pope and Tom differ in opinion over what to do. Pope wants to shoot them but Tom claims that they should observe what they're doing. The group listens to Tom. [what? why? why would they listen to Tom? He's the new guy AND not "in command."]
Photo:  James Dittiger
Jimmy stops breathing and loses his pulse, so they administer CPR until the boy passes. [awww.] Ben notices that Jimmy's compass (given to him by Weaver) has gone missing, and Tom ends up fighting Pope to get it back. [did we need another altercation? why stage this?] Pope goes to Weaver to say that Tom disobeyed an order the night before, and Weaver sides with Tom's decisions. Pope announces that he and the Berserkers are leaving the 2nd Mass, and Anthony decides to join them, as he both owes Pope and wants to make sure the Berserkers don't double-back on the 2nd Mass. [so, we'll definitely see the groups again, got it.] Ben gives Jimmy's compass back to Weaver, then breaks down on Weaver's shoulder. [poor Ben. that kid is having the roughest time. :(]

A plane shows up, flown by Avery Churchill, who claims that Charleston, South Carolina, now has a militia and a Continental Congress that governs about 3,000 people. [this is pretty big news.] She wants everyone to head down there (to the land of hot water!), but Weaver wants proof, because he doesn't want their position being given out. [reasonable.] Even though they don't have enough snow chains to go to the Catskills, Weaver still considers going north, until he realizes that they owe it to Jimmy (and the ~123 others who have passed since Weaver took control) to try and reach "civilization." The episode closes as the convoy takes off, though Ben is alone at Jimmy's grave when a Skitter comes up and activates the remaining nodes in his neck, which he keeps secret when Hal finds him to say that it's time to go. [oh boy...]
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