Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun Friday: The Homes of Cake Boss

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

You might have already come across these short videos, as they've been available for a couple of weeks, but I thought that they were pretty fascinating and I wanted to make sure you had seen them. Buddy's wife and three of his sisters all show off parts of their homes and talk about their styles, favorite parts, and even compare their houses to pastries! Mary didn't participate, and I couldn't find anything as to why not... though my guess is that her husband didn't want her to reveal the inside of her home like that - he seems like a bit of an outsider compared to the rest of the family. Now, I'm partial, having grown up in New Jersey and having been to a dozen enormous homes with similar features, but they really are something special. I was a little taken aback when most of the women allude to the fact that their homes are rather new, but then I realized that the popularity of the show has probably brought so much more business to the bakery that the families upgraded or something. Anyway, below you can find the videos as well as a few thoughts from me on each. Let me know which you liked best!

Grace's House:

I like how relaxed Grace is about her home, even though she has the oldest children. I'm not the biggest fan of the exterior, but it's just not my style. I was surprised at how many framed pictures she had! A few too many pillows on the bed for me, but I thought that her advice regarding keeping the kitchen clean was interesting: just don't use it! LoL. 

Sister Lisa's House:

She says that she's the "fun aunt" and all of the kids go to her place. That was like mine growing up, but probably because we had tons of games and no dogs, ha! Her kitchen was SO BIG but there was a ton of pictures of/by the kids. I liked the candle centerpiece in her formal dining room, and the symmetry outside is lovely.

Maddalena/Madeline's House:

She's a bit obsessed with being clean, but I'm in love with the artwork she's chosen. The master bedroom is HUMUNGOUS, and the zebra-themed room for her daughter was pretty neat.

Buddy & Lisa's House:

She points out her wrought-iron-and-glass dining room table, which is interesting, but not for me. Her comment about people throwing food underneath was odd... did people in her family do that growing up? I thought it was weird how obsessed she was with the stools. I liked how she felt that the double-oven burns things, and laughed when she took a half-point off of her house's rating because some things "didn't go her way."
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