Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Abby & Brittany: Rome & Venice!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This episode made me think about why TLC decided to do a series on the Hensels. I mean, obviously that network prides itself on featuring people who live their lives differently from others (having multiple wives, having twenty children, being dwarfs, etc.), but aside from attracting attention everywhere they go and having to constantly coordinate with one another, Abby and Brittany are not as different from the average person in comparison with some of these other situations. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was nice seeing them go to Italy and do some once-in-a-lifetime things, but watching them ride in a gondola or on a Vespa (or visiting Chicago, Houston, and London) isn't that different from watching anyone else do it. The cooking scene was more interesting, as was the rowing in the previous episode, because you're witnessing teamwork to an extreme. I think that the more fascinating plot points occurred in learning about how the girls will negotiate a salary or team-teach, though perhaps another hour-long special would have been more appropriate for that. Regardless, I like the series and will continue to tune in as long as TLC produces the show, just because there are random tidbits that are thrown in that never would have crossed my mind otherwise.

Abby & Brittany "Italy" (S01E06): The girls leave London and head to Italy, where they'll spend time in Venice and Rome. The first major thing they do is a gondola ride, and they bring an umbrella to shield themselves from strangers' cameras. They take a ferry to an island to take a cooking lesson, where they learn to make gnocchi, ravioli, and tiramisu. [they really built up to the moment where they cut themselves shaving chocolate. I didn't really appreciate that. But, my stomach question from last week is answered! Their stomachs are a little on the small side, which is why they don't need two meals.]
They take a four-hour train ride to Rome, and head straight for some orange, pistachio, and peach gelato! [I found it odd that the owner brought over that book of celebrities who have visited the shoppe... was he wanting to get the girls' photo to add to it? Or was he just taking advantage of the cameras to boost his business?] Then they went to Trevi fountain, took a Vespa tour through the city, and see the Coliseum and the Vatican. We learn that Brittany isn't a big fan of motorcycles, jetskis, etc. [watching them try to use the water fountain was funny... but I'd be willing to bet I'd be just as bad at it!] 
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