Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Partners: Ali Gets a Key But Louis Loses His

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

NOT a fan of this episode. Well, technically, I'm not a fan of the order in which it aired. It very clearly comes BEFORE last week's "The Jeter Exception." In that episode, Ali is already in the process of moving in and has accepted how Joe and Louis will forever be close. In this episode, she receives a key and they talk about her moving in, plus she's still trying to get Joe to separate from Louis a bit. Problematically, I'm liking Wyatt less and less, and I think it's a little early in the series for me to have a least-favorite-character who isn't a villain! Thoughts?

Partners "The Key" (S01E04): Louis gives his meat and liquor to Joe for safekeeping because Wyatt is a sober vegan and Louis wants to "earn points." [but Wyatt knows anyway, so it's rather useless.] So, when he goes to Joe's to make himself some breakfast sausage, Ali finds out that Louis has a key when she doesn't. Joe decides to give her a key, but she also wants him to get Louis's back. [playing hot-and-cold to find her key? really? is this fourth grade? and I thought Louis was supposed to be the competitive one on this show??] But, Louis won't forfeit his key. When Louis comes by again, Ali has changed the locks and he can't get in. He refuses to just ring the doorbell, so he returns everything that Joe has ever given to him... and even some stuff he stole from Joe.But, the guys find a pact they made as kids and decide to make up. [booooooring!]
Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

Wedding Updates: Ali and Joe talk about restaurants for the rehearsal dinner, but she trusts Louis' opinion more than Joe's.
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