Saturday, October 27, 2012

The New Normal: Guinea Pigs, Catholicism, Godparents

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Can we make this priest a recurring character, please? I kinda loved him. Of course, there was also no Jane, so it was a good episode for multiple reasons. The Kardsahians jokes at the end were rough, though. I thought that the "dead pet" storyline had no place in this episode, especially with two other plots already taking place. Shania being upset that she technically doesn't have ties to Bryan & David's baby was a pretty true moment, but I think that they could have done a little bit more with it. Plus, I would have liked to see Bryan and David trying to figure out which of their friends to ask to be godparents, and maybe even actually see them get shot down a second time, haha!

The New Normal "The Godparent Trap" (S01E07): Bryan records another video for his unborn baby, talking about how to put her to sleep, including Vespers. Rocky and Bryan tell David about godparents and how they help the child through spiritual guidance. Bryan and David then realize that they aren't spiritual, so they better get some great godparents lined up! [haha.] The talk to some friends and ask Victoria and Tiffany to be their child's godparents, but they aren't willing to help raise a baby when they can't have one of their own. [at first I thought that this was kinda selfish, but then it made good sense! also, I liked David's wording here: "religion requires faith, and I'm more based on facts."]

Bryan decides to go to church to talk to the priest about finding his own spiritual grounding, as he loved the tradition of Catholicism. He's told to find a church that accepts him, but Bryan doesn't want to be segregated... so he decides to "fight" and will bring his family to Mass every now and then. David also talks about joining a temple, and later says that he hasn't been since college, when he was lonely in New York. [awww!]
(Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
Goldie has to go into the surrogacy office for a check-in, and she's told not to get too close to Bryan and David- once she delivers, her job is done. [that is kinda shocking, yeah. but, "say Craigslist"?? who says that when you're taking a photo?] Shania disagrees, wanting to be part of the baby's life. Bryan and David reassure Goldie that they hope they will always be a family. To reinforce her new family, Shania takes photos of Bryan and David for a project on "family" at school. She asks them to be her godparents, but they decline, as they don't have anything to offer in the "spiritual guidance department." [yeah, that can read as really rough to a kid!]

And in a third storyline going on, Marshmallow, the class guinea pig, dies under Bryan/Rocky's watch. David goes to perform CPR, but they end up having to buy another pet. This one, however, is female, and Shania notices. [figures. such an observant little girl!] Rocky explains that guinea pigs die, and they hold a burial in the backyard. David and Bryan decide to make Shania and Rocky the godparents of their child. [awkward. and how should Shania take that? first, she's looking for godparents and then becomes one? oh well, at least it cements her in the baby's life! also, Bryan's "families who have replaced a pet" list sucks...  he says the Bradys, Partridges, Seavers, and on Saved by the Bell... I don't think it showed up on The Brady Bunch or Growing Pains, though I can't speak for The Partridge Family, Slater's pet does die on Saved by the Bell, LoL!]
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