Monday, November 5, 2012

Breaking Amish: Bachelor Party in Atlantic City

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The gang reunites in Atlantic City shortly before Abe & Rebecca's wedding. If you ask me, it's a foolish place to get married when the bride isn't old enough to drink OR gamble, but for young adults who were raised in respectful cultures, they're certainly pretty self-centered. At this point it is clear that Sabrina is the only one who is returning to her upbringing, and she's even managed to find a former Baptist to date. For the sake of drama, TLC is making it clear that Sabrina and Jeremiah enjoyed an intimate relationship in New York, which should come up again in the second part of the finale when Sabrina's new boytoy is at the wedding.

Breaking Amish "Party Time" (Special): It's been thirty days since the group left NYC, and Sabrina's parents have left for a missionary trip so she talks about how they want her to dress more conservatively, but they're not too upset with her because they feel bad for lying about her adoption. Turns out, Sabrina's adoptive mother (who called her "Leela") kept a box of mementos from Sabrina's infancy and letters from Sabrina's birthmother. Jeremiah and Sabrina talk about the bachelor/bachelorette parties for Abe and Rebecca, and Jeremiah thinks Atlantic City is the perfect place. Sabrina thinks that hiring strippers leads to sex, but Jeremiah is going to handle it. [I don't know whether or not that's an ignorant choice on Sabrina's part...]

Sabrina has a boyfriend, Harry, who gets jealous that Jeremiah texts her. Jeremiah asks her why she's with Harry and not him, and she says she doesn't want to date an Amish or Mennonite guy. [believable, but not.] He gets pretty upset, all in all.

Kate goes on a date with a guy she met at a club, but he was expecting someone else, as he thought that she had blond hair. Kate pays because she can't wait to get out of there.

Abe (who wants to be a professional bull rider in five years, by the way) gets his ears pierced to show that he's not turning back to the Amish. [I found that to be an odd choice, but okay.]
Then, he and Rebecca head to Atlantic City, to the Trump Taj Mahal. [I stayed there for a night a few years ago - cool place!] The two enjoy their suite, but once everyone else arrives, they take a stroll on the Boardwalk while the others gamble. She says that he can go hang out with everyone else, but he doesn't want to waste money. The next day, they enjoy massages, and Abe's brother comes to town for the fun. The couple puts on t-shirts and hats and has people sign their shirts before heading back to the suite, now adorned with sexual candy and blow-up dolls. When the strippers show up, the Abe and Rebecca leave the room.
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