Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hot in Cleveland: Meet Joy's Grandson

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm not sure how, but I managed to forget that there was going to be a baby-at-the-doorstep moment in this episode. Too bad it only lasted for a split-second before the situation is explained as Joy's new-found son's surprise child. Tragically, the baby's name is Wilbur Burr. Owen not being sure if he's ready to parent is perfectly understandable, but a) shouldn't he request a paternity test first? and b) Melanie is really the only one of the three girls with mothering experience, so the idea that they'll all be able to help equally is a bit absurd. Baby aside, I thought that the return of Pierre was entertaining, and Elka getting a new 'do from his brother to be different. The look (seen below) is quite different for Elka, but an intriguing change for Betty White, whose iconic look has not changed much over the past thirty years or more. Do you think Elka will keep it? How do you think it would suit Betty?

Hot in Cleveland "That Changes Everything" (S04E01): Joy's son, Owen, shows up with his infant son, Wilbur, from a one-night stand. [figures that Victoria would be more excited about Owen giving up gluten than having a child!] Joy wants to show that she could be a terrific grandmother so Owen won't put the child up for adoption, but she knows she must support whatever decision Owen makes. [Victoria's ignorance about babies was frightening.] Joy's skills, however, include mixing up tanning wipes with baby wipes, dropping a black marker in the bassinet, and getting the infant's foot stuck in cement. [yikes!]

Victoria takes Wilbur on an audition, figuring that if he had a job, he'd have to stay around. [not the worst logic she has ever used! her small issues after that with trying to figure out how to deliver lines without context for a Woody Allen movie were pretty funny.] But, she brings home the wrong infant and the girls all go with her to the studio to make the exchange. While there, Melanie talks up Cleveland to a complaining actress and lands a job promoting the city. [she's only lived there a couple of years... seems like an odd fit to me. or maybe not...] Unfortunately, she's immediately giving up her blouse and shoes so her boss can wear them to a meeting. [Melanie flirting in the elevator was disastrous.] Her next day she has to work on creating a thriving Dixieland Jazz scene, and it seems that her elevator crush is her co-boss... and the ex-husband of the woman who hired her! [figures. conflict!] He's been the most-eligible bachelor in Cleveland for five years, but Chloe isn't over him so she forbids Melanie from making any moves. [what kind of catastrophe do you think will befall her next?]

Pierre is still around, but he's starting to blow-off Elka so she has her hair done by his brother, Etienne, to make him jealous. [haha at Joy being the expert on brush-offs.]
Pierre winds up serving as the voice of reason when Owen tries to act like an actuary and weigh the risks without emotion, thinking that adoption would be best. Pierre points out that everyone wants to keep the baby, so Owen decides to move to Cleveland so the ladies can help raise his son. [not sure how I feel about this potential character recurring...]
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