Saturday, November 3, 2012

RETURNING SHOW: Last Man Standing

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I was a bit surprised that Mike was so into Romney that he'd allow all of those signs across his yard... it just seemed out of character. I also couldn't believe that the replacement for Kristin... she's ugly, talks funny, and doesn't seem much like the original Kristin (pictured below, by the way). Plus, aging up Boyd is already annoying, and the kid has only been in like one minute of the season. I'll try to see beyond this, but hopefully we're not going to have a Kristin-heavy episode too soon!

Last Man Standing "Voting" (S02E01): Kristin is voting for Obama, Mike is really into Romney, and Vanessa stays mum about her standings as everyone tries to get Mandy excited about voting for the first time. [Mandy is 18? and Kristin is 22+? Did we just age-up EVERYBODY??] Vanessa tries to help Mandy prepare by giving her a voting guide, though Mike just gives her a cheat sheet of his choices and tells her to share it with her friends. [hahaha! I found that really hilarious!] Mandy chickens out and wants to "not vote," but Mike tells her that she really should... and she goes with Obama, believing that Obama should be able to finish what he started. In Mike's vlog, he talks about how people should listen to fathers and those who own land are the real voters. [ha! a chair joke!]
Elsewhere, Fantasy Football trades are going on at the wilderness store, and Ed wants Kyle's quarterback. Kyle won't do it, so Ed makes him sweep the parking lot in a bear costume. [Kyle only drafted people without criminal records! ha!] Plus, Ryan has lost his job at the ice factory, so Boyd doesn't have health insurance at the moment. [haha - "free health care for everybody! whoopee! now lazy people can go around licking doorknobs!"]
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