Saturday, November 3, 2012

NEW SHOW: Malibu Country

by Amy K. Bredemeyer! I actually couldn't believe how terrible it was! I had been anticipating this show quite highly, because I think Reba is funny, I want to help support the revival of TGIF, and it's paired with a show that I really enjoyed last season - Last Man Standing. In a nutshell, we've got a country family in Southern California who moved in next to an annoying neighbor. The neighbor's son keeps Reba's daughter occupied, while Reba's son realizes that he's no longer "the pretty boy" at school and Reba deals with her marijuana-imbibing mother. I'll try to choke down another episode or two, but unless something pretty severe happens, this is dead in the water.

Malibu Country "Pilot" (S01E01): Reba plans to stand by her cheating (with a backup singer) husband, but at a press conference she's unable to stick to the "party line" and admits that she has not forgiven him. So, she moves her children (Cash and June) and her mother (Lillie) from Nashville, Tennessee to Malibu, California. [I don't feel like you should move to your ex-husband's lover's den... that just seems weird.]

The kids aren't thrilled with the move, but Cash thinks he'll be able to get an extra girlfriend out of it, and June quickly makes friends with Sage, a gay neighbor. The neighbor's stepmother, Kim, promptly annoys Reba, wanting to mentor her about living in liberal Southern California. [I tend to dislike the "annoying neighbor" character.]
After one day, Amy, Cash's Nashville girlfriend, doesn't want to do long-distance. And, Reba catches June and Sage practice kissing, though it looks pretty real.

Reba goes to a meeting with a record label, but the guy is out of town and lies about it. She's not young, sexy, or has a hit song, so her chances aren't great. Reba comes up with inspiration for a song when her mother (in a marijuana-lollipop-for-anxiety-trance) admits that Reba's father cheated on her once upon a time, too. Reba goes back with her song and will keep returning until she's seen. [yeah, and I guess we're supposed to believe this works...]
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