Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cake Boss: Rockettes, A Plane, A Hospital, A Wedding Cake

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

No totally unusual cakes in the most recent episodes, and not really any big drama, either. It's nice to see the family getting along and no sad moments (like Buddy's mother's condition progressing), but it makes for some boredom. I did like seeing more of Marissa than normal, but that's not enough. No disasters, no big pranks... these were episodes purely for the cake decorating, really. I hadn't realized how much I cared about the non-cake aspects of this show until now! What about you, how do these episodes differ for you?

Cake Boss "Buddy and the Rockettes" (S05E22): It's August and the Rockettes want a cake to announce their Christmas show. It's their 85th anniversary of performing in NYC, so the Carlo's gang does a marquee, the stage, a Christmas Tree on the side, and a line of dancers. [the music notes on the tree were cute!] Buddy tries to get a neon sign on there, but then the cake looks unbalanced and they have to add LEDs to the Christmas tree. [haha about "old school" and "Hoboken Style" being the same thing.]

A 16-year-old dreams of being a pilot (he previously wanted to be a professional soccer player but a bad accident took his leg) so his aunt and uncle get him a plane cake.

The bakery has a throwback Friday with German buttercake. Buddy's kids are in the bakery to help but cause a ruckus. Buddy has them watch A Christmas Story 2 for the kids in the conference room. [I didn't know there was a sequel.]

Cake Boss "Cut the Ribbon and the Cake!" (S05E23): A bride wants a fuchsia and grey wedding cake, but Mary and Buddy thinks that's a bad idea. The couple also wants some intricate details from the invitation to be on the cake, so Buddy enjoys the detailed piping and painting the design requires, plus he gets the grey and fuchsia to work together. [can't blame him for that not being his favorite part of the cake. also, the couple probably liked the peonies on there but I wasn't a big fan. and, Marissa went on the delivery and posted a photo if you're interested.]

Buddy, Grace, and Joey Skype with some of the doctors who helped Bartolina years ago, as they're opening a new hospital in Chicago and want a cake. It ends up being a replica of the hospital, featuring a firetruck room, an MRI machine, and a mural. But, the cake is too tall for all of the doors, so they have to take it off of the cart every time they go through a doorway. [that sucks.]
Joey and Grace also recap Bartolina's health concerns, from epilepsy to possible cancer to brain surgery and more, including having part of her brain removed when she started having seizures as she got older. They've continued to see the same doctor, though he moved to Chicago when Bartolina was four years old. [wow. it's nice to put so much faith in someone, but that makes the visits much more expensive!] We also see Gabby and Buddy race on doing borders, and he creams her.
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