Monday, February 4, 2013

Elementary: A Brother-Sister Team

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm still hanging by a thread on this show, and this episode didn't help. Watson getting rid of her apartment means she may end up just being housemates with Holmes, solving the writing dilemma of how to keep the duo together after he figures out she's not being paid by his father anymore. That problem aside, putting this show in the highly coveted post-Superbowl slot turned out to be a bad move by CBS. Early reports show that it got about 20M viewers instead of its typical 10-11M, but 100M+ watched the actual game, so retention wasn't that high. Of course, there were issues because of the power delay causing Elementary to run much later than anticipated. And, in my personal opinion, CBS didn't promote the show enough during the game. Let's see how many people tune in for the next episode, shall we? Any bets on what the numbers might be?

Elementary "The Deductionist" (S01E14): Holmes has a couple of strippers over but they end up robbing him. Fortunately, it was a sting. [nice bonus that he got out of two pairs of handcuffs, though they probably went to the evidence room anyway.]

A prisoner will be donating a kidney to his sister, so he's transported to a hospital. But, he uses meditation techniques to fool the doctors and their machines into believing that the anesthesia has taken effect and he kills the personnel before stealing some scrubs and walking out of the hospital. [we normally don't see the murderer, so no whodunit this time!] "Shedir" is written in the room, and Holmes believes that the constellation marks where killings will occur. [I loved that Holmes mapped it out on the ceiling to study!]
The guy kills a few folks in a convenience store before asking a patron to photograph him holding a newspaper front page which his photo graces. [who does this??!?] Holmes thinks that the killer detests Katherine for figuring him out the first time, and the killer later admits to wanting to humiliate her because of what he did to his family. Katherine wrote a book that included some rumors that she paid someone to act as if they were true. [bad idea!] But, it gets worse. When Holmes and Watson visit the ill sister's home, they find all sorts of salty items there that someone needing a kidney transplant wouldn't eat. Holmes deduces that she ruined her kidneys on purpose and is working in conjunction with her brother. Lo and behold, the sister has killed Katherine under the pretense of righting a wrong. [I was a bit shocked at the force with which Holmes strikes the brother with that stick!]

Holmes thinks Watson is strange to keep her own apartment to sublet when she's really a professional nomad of sorts. [interesting phrasing.] She loves the place, plus it's rent-controlled, so when her superintendent says he's evicting her because her sublet has been making p0rn films, she's upset. On the bright side, she finds a continuity error in a video and realizes the super was in the room during the filming, so he and the sublet will have to pay for her things to go into storage and $1200 for a new couch. [still sucks a LOT, though.]
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