Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The End of Emily Owens, M.D.

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This was the final episode for this show, if you didn't know. The CW has chosen not to extend its life, and I am a little sad. I thought that the series was very slow to start, not really adding anything with staying power until the past few episodes. That said, I'm actually sad to see it go - I was really liking where it was going. Emily and Micah are so cute together, but their relationship would be full of problems. On the flip side, Will doesn't really deserve Emily, but seeing the passion with which they made out as the final scene rolled was heartwarming. We will not know how Tyra deals with living outside her father's home, or if the vacation will really help Gina reconcile with her husband. We just met Micah's sister, the conniving Liz, as their mother makes peace with the fact she will perish. And aside from Emily getting a storage closet as an office, we never saw her work as Gina's research assistant. I don't know that this show really would have had a long life (3-4 seasons would push it, I think), but I would have liked to see a little more. What about you?

Emily Owens, M.D. "Emily and... the Leap" (S01E13): Let's start with the medicine...
Patient 1: Emily and Tyra are having coffee when a woman collapses. They send her to the ER even though she doesn't want to go, and once she's there she is rude and refuses treatment. [obnoxious!] She has a badly infected hand but just wants to go home, eventually leaving on her own. Fortunately, her daughter brings her back in, and the hospital staff learn that the woman is a hoarder. It's so bad that Emily puts a 14-day psych hold on her, but after learning that everything started with a cat obsession, it turns out that the hoarder has toxoplasmosis, a disease spread from cat feces. It may have caused her hoarding personality and schizophrenia and is treatable. [I'm now curious as to how many hoarders suffer from this!] 

Patient 2: A guy who fainted has trouble sleeping. It doesn't look like anything serious, but he crumples to the ground when he's discharged, and a CT reveals a brain tumor. They operate, but when the patient awakens, he doesn't remember the last four years. His ex-wife has to tell him that they're not three months from getting married... they're a year past losing their toddler son to choking on a toy, and are now divorced. However, instead of blaming the woman, the patient is glad that she can live with the guilt, and there's a possibility for the fences to be mended. [this whole scenario was very odd to me. I didn't really know what to make of it, although I've seen it before on other medical dramas.]

Patient 3: A woman coughs so hard that she collapses. It looks like it's no big deal and they discharge her with some antibiotics. But, she has a heart attack and dies on the way home. [wow, that's kinda shocking!] Turns out, the woman had mentioned a history of anti-depressants to Cassandra but not Will, and it wasn't in her chart. The medicine Will prescribed caused the heart attack, but nobody else ever has to know. [oh, that Cassandra!] But, he does the right thing and tells the woman's life partner the truth. 

Now, the drama:
Gina is on vacation, leaving Micah in charge. Micah has a lot going on, as his mother has finally told his unstable sister, Liz, about her condition. [a new character? interesting timing, as we just got a new doctor...] Micah got his mother into an upcoming clinical trial, but she's decided that she's ready to die. Except, Liz pretends to be 11 weeks pregnant in order to get her mother to decide to give the trial a chance. [it fit that hair salon story at least!] Well, the mother does change her mind and even decides to start wearing a wig. [what a rough place to end a storyline!]

Micah's other issue is Emily. He asks her why she was surprised when he kissed her, and she says that it's because he's technically her boss. He tries to influence her to give him a chance, but she's paranoid about how it will affect their professionalism, especially after he over-compensates by asking Cassandra to assist in a surgery. [he is really cute in how he says things.] We learn that Emily is so cautious because her mother is the opposite, though she decides to give dating Micah a try anyway. [half "awwww" and half "hmmmm"]
Jack Rowand/The CW
But, then things change. [of course!] Will tells Emily that Cassandra dumped him after he refused to stop being friends with our protagonist, then says that he doesn't want things to change between them. She says that they have to, and he ignores that she's over him by going to her place and kissing her. She kisses back and they peel off one another's clothes as the episode closes. [yep. I was kinda shocked, too.]
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