Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Exes: Not What They Wanted

I enjoy when the title of an episode applies to both the A- and B-plots. In this case, Phil and Stuart are "trading places" with being "successful" at bringing home a lady after a single night. This is clearly the more obvious instance, as Haskell calls it "upside-down day" when he learns that Stuart was "luckier" than Phil. On the other hand, Haskell and Holly are at one another's throats, trading places to be the one with whom their new pal, Julia, wants to spend time. In the first case, the "trading" is not necessarily voluntary, but in the latter, neither Holly nor Haskell had any desire to give up their shot at making a new friend, and that cut-throat attitude destroyed that for them both. Oh, and, Eden now has a Great Dane... this should be interesting.

The Exes "Trading Places" (S03E03): Stuart and Phil both pick up girls, but Phil's turns out to be a "recommitted virgin," so he decides to borrow Stuart's clothes and act like is also avoiding the bedroom. [I remember reading about the Clueless reunion when Stacey Dash was cast, but when I saw them together on the couch, I said aloud, "oh my God, it's Murray and Dionne!"] He plays the part well and gets her into bed, but then his conscience ruins it.
Stuart's date, Sabrina, turns out to be more physical than Stuart was hoping for, and when he finally gets her to open up emotionally, he's not happy with what he learns... she loves being a collection agent and has pawned off her three children on her mother. [yikes!] He continues to be intimate with her anyway, as he "can't quit her." [but it won't last... right?]

Holly is desperate to vent about breaking up with Paul, but Eden is out of town for a funeral and the guys don't want to hear it. She forces Haskell to listen to her, but when a stranger needs a chair at their bar, they invite her to sit. Haskell wants Julia romantically, while Holly is looking for a BFF, so things quickly turn competitive, with both playing any card it takes to win. Of course, it seems that both lose in the end.
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