Thursday, July 11, 2013

Futurama: Planet Express as FDNNY, and Beyond

This was another episode in the Futurama canon where the plot was pretty basic and didn't offer much in the way of jokes, drama, or ongoing gags. On one hand, it made returning to the status quo by the end fairly simple - Bender needed to lose his flame and the Planet Express crew needed to stop taking on the responsibilities of the fire department. On the other, the episode seemed rather dull and really could have used a second character doing something amusing. This is particularly poignant when remembering that the previous episode was also light on the jokes and heavy on the Bender. Here's hoping to a more amusing final eight episodes!
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Futurama "The Inhuman Torch" (S07E18): There's a mine collapse on the sun and a rescue would mean certain death... but the Professor wants the Planet Express gang to do it anyway, as he has a spray that protects against extreme heat. [his ideas are sure strange sometimes!] Still, it's unprotected Bender who gets suckered into performing the 15 rescues when he propels himself in and out of the mine, carrying the trapped people in his abdomen/barrel. [and so begins his desire to remain a hero in the eyes of the public.] Planet Express is soon the fire department, and the group becomes exhausted. The gang begins to think that Bender is setting the fires so he can be seen as a hero, but when he's confronted, he believes the infernos to be the work of Flame-O, a blue flame who is framing him. [and Bender actually cares??] In trying to extinguish it, he cannot find an easy method and even travels to the arctic in hopes of putting it out. Fry arrives and believes it to be a pilot light, not a creature with its own mind, and leaves his friend. Of course, Bender later saves Fry from a fire, and Fry confesses to the arson so Bender isn't blamed. [I didn't quite follow why Fry made that move...]

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