Friday, July 12, 2013

Fun Friday: Sue Heck's Favorite Episodes

When you interview an actor, it's a toss-up as to whether that person will be very descriptive with their answers and give you a lot to expound upon and follow up with or whether he'll give you quick responses that barely answer the question, much less something to ask more about. In journalism circles, we give one another a head's up if we have tips on interviewing certain individuals, and when there's an event that gives you multiple talent options, sometimes you choose the actor who might not be the most famous but will give you the best material. It appears that Eden Sher might be one of those folks.
This article is six weeks old already, but it's pretty much guaranteed to make you smile. Neil Flynn, Patricia Heaton, and Eden Sher were asked about their favorite episodes of The Middle so far, and Sher's responses are more than you could ask for! Go read the article for the full effect, but here are some highlights:

- (on the pilot) "Doing a pilot is an adrenaline junkie / Big Time Feeler’s dream; you’re excited and fearful and hopeful and nostalgic for the immediate past when it’s done because there is a chance you might never see these people again."

- (on "Hecks on a Plane" S02E16) "I will never forget the experience of being on that tiny, claustrophobic, hot, cramped airplane set for a 13+ hour day. It was pretty awful, but all five of us were together. We haven’t gotten many all-five-of-us-together-for-a-whole-day days in recent months. It’s kind of stupid how much I love my cast mates and crew. Also, there’s something beautiful about suffering in solidarity."

- (on "The Guidance Counselor" S03E21) "The magical two days I got to spend with Queen Goldberg are in my Top 5 Happiest Life Moments, second after my Bat Mitzvah, one above meeting Taylor Swift. I am crying typing this out right now, alone at my computer, reflecting on the experience."

- (on "Bunny Therapy" S04E04): "This episode included a great family freak-out scene in the kitchen. I live for family freak-out scenes. Additionally, this was the episode I got a mild concussion from doing my own stunt in the mascot suit."
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