Thursday, August 15, 2013

Futurama: Remote Keyless Entry on Spaceships

As the past several episodes have been, this installment of Futurama had a good time playing with its title. While one might have guessed that the storyline here would be akin to something on the HBO series Game of Thrones, instead it was just a play on words, with Fry spending the bulk of the time trying to recall where he once heard a series of tones in the past. The writing is meant to be funny with its stretching of timelines for humor, but instead it comes off as over-the-top and nearly confusing. For instance, the first scene demonstrates that it takes this particular spaceship 17+ days to actually reach Planet Z-7 after it appears semi-close. The reason for this overdramatization is to setup how the Professor and his employees will begin hearing the ship's music a full two weeks before it actually lands on Earth. And, that in itself seems to only exist to make it seem funny that Fry slept for 13.5 days, trying to recall via dream where he has heard the four-note melody. A lot of time was spent to line up everything for that gag, and it fell flat. Not that some of the others (a quick-fix to the Professor's hearing aid, a jab at Shazam, the idea that a disposabe cone in your head could allow someone to read your mind) were better...
Futurama "Game of Tones" (S07E23): Fry finds the tune of a traveling spaceship familiar, and the Professor uses a device to determine that Fry heard it on his last day in the year 1999. Another device allows him to "dream" about the sequence of events that day, in search of the sound. [I liked that things he doesn't know are blank, as he has no memory of them!] He procrastinates, though, as he wants to spend more time with his family. So, the whole gang, plus Agnew and Nixon's head come to drag him onward. [cute pocket doggy!] It turns out that the sound was the very last thing Fry heard before he fell into the cryogenic tube, only he recalls two notes more than the current melody. The group responds to the spaceship with the remainder of the tune, and someone from Nibbler's species shows up in the spaceship. [random!] Well, when this guy dropped off Nibbler all those years ago, the two got drunk and lost their spaceship, and he's been flying around the universe ever since, trying the remote keyless entry to locate it. [I want a remote keyless entry that plays a song! my old car only had the "beep-beep" sound!] Turns out, it's still on the roof of the Cryogenics building. In appreciation, the "Nibblers" grant Fry some time with his mother, courtesy of his mother's dream. [if all he wanted to do was talk to her, why does he just hug her?]
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