Sunday, August 11, 2013

Newsroom Factroom - Unintended Consequences (S02E04)

Honestly, the lawyer bit is getting old. Questions on Maggie's state of mind after Uganda is a twisted preview setting up some future screw-up and, no doubt, some personal spiral of depression. Luckily, there were just enough campaign facts to keep the news political, which is always fun. [note: full recap with remarks on this episode here.]

The legend: accuratepotentially accurate, or inaccurate. Web sources only and so forth, and now the checks...
  • The 490th Civil Affairs Battalion works in Africa constructing buildings.
    • Accurate
      • The information about the battalion is spot on and in this video they are actually building an eco-dome.
  • Rick Perry owned a ranch called 'Niggerhead.'
    • Yes... 
      • This was silly the first time around and it's silly now. The Washington Post was the first or one of the first news outlets to run the story, but again, so silly. Who didn't know Texas had some racism in its history?
  •  "They speak 1944 lanugages in Africa."
    • Ok, in the ballpark, but not exact
      • That's because almost all the sources are estimates, most over 1944. The CIA World Factbook has it at 2,150, while other websites and Wikipedia place the number at a minimum of 2000 and as high as 3000. Maggie needed an exact number to show that she was obsessed enough to do the research and reach conclusion. That she did. 
Hopefully, there are more facts in the episodes to come. For such an exciting year, the show is focused much on its own hype and not current events. Real world drama yes, personal drama no... let's hope.
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