Friday, October 25, 2013

Big Bang: Howard, Penny, and Amy are Sweethearts

Though this episode had a sweet ending, the bulk of it was rather average. I'm not "over" Penny and Leonard the way some people are, but I would like to see more conflict out of the opposites, not more loving moments. Similarly, it's nice that Sheldon and Amy get along on a level that nobody else could, but the dream sequence toward the end need to become closer to reality. Amy wasn't interested in dating or a physical relationship with anyone before Sheldon, and now she longs for that intimacy... if Sheldon won't give it to her, perhaps she should consider seeing someone else. She deserves to be fulfilled, as do Stuart and Raj, whose perpetual failures in love are getting old. I'm hoping that this comedy take a leap...

The Big Bang Theory "The Romance Resonance" (S07E06): Howard is trying to do something special for the anniversary of his first date with Bernadette, so he writes a song and wants everyone to play it for her. [haha, trying to "bank" points.] Raj will be on ukelele, Leonard on cello, Amy on harp, Sheldon on recorder, and Penny on tambourine. [did we know Sheldon plays the recorder?] However, because Bernadette winds up being exposed to a raccoon virus, Howard plays the piano and sings for her outside an isolation room at the hospital rather than at a restaurant like planned. [for the record, I was half-expecting a doctor to come in, say Bernadette will be fine, and also announce that she's pregnant. c'mon, it's GOTTA happen!]
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With Howard all lovey-dovey, Penny decides to do something for Leonard, but has no ideas. She turns to Raj for help, and he suggests cooking, only she's worried that Leonard is too picky. ['s not like she's trying to cook for Sheldon...] So, she decides to get him a first edition of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but he already has it... and he bought it when they were together. [ha!] Fortunately, when Leonard learns that Penny keeps a box of mementos from their relationship, he's happy as a clam.

Sheldon manages to find a system to synthesize a new element, and testing soon begins that reveals it is there. But, Sheldon realizes he made a mistake in reading a table, so it was an accidental discovery. The scientist instantly feels bad, though everyone continues to congratulate him. Everyone, that is, except for Amy, who understands her boyfriend's plight and says that she's no longer proud of him, as he made an embarrassing mistake. [mis-reading a table does seem like something Sheldon wouldn't do...]
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