Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HIMYM: Consequences

As I was watching this episode with my husband, I told him during a commercial that I wished the entire season was out now and I could just binge-watch it. So far, the season hasn't been bad... but the truncated timetable really makes me want to know NOW what happens next and for the next ~60 hours. The flashbacks are great and all (the whole series is one, let's not forget), and it's awesome to see Lily freak out over having to wear a classy dress instead of a classy AND slutty one, but I'm one of those fans at the edge of my seat at this point, just wanting to see how it all plays out in the end.
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How I Met Your Mother "Last Time in New York" (S09E03): Friday, 2pm; 52 hours before the wedding. Ted has a list of things he wants to do before leaving New York for Chicago, and Lily is curious as to how some of them were accomplished. [OF COURSE Ted would use "Empy" as a nickname for the Empire State Building!] Lily believes that her original rehearsal wedding dress was destroyed at the dry cleaners, but it was really Marshall and Ted playing with swords. [to Princess Bride, no less!] When Lily finds out, Marshall is driving through Wisconsin with Daphne, so Lily makes them pull over and gear up in Packers gear, while Ted has to dress like a 1930s beachcomber. [I thought both were pretty funny.] Turns out, Lily and Robin actually did the same thing with swords and ruined a $600 30-year-old Scotch in the process. [are you kidding me?!? that wasn't in a safer place with a baby in the house?? also, who says "hand sanny"?!?] When that truth comes out, Marshall quickly changes out of the Packers apparel, and Lily goes to get another bottle from a liquor store. [Lily might have stolen this new bottle?!?!?] Ted drops the bottle when Barney tells Ted that he saw Ted with Robin at the carousel.

Meanwhile, Barney and Robin want to be intimate before having to greet their elderly relatives, but they struggle to find a good spot to do so. [the jinxy moments all episode were cute.] 
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