Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Middle: Only Brick...

Brick is the only person who could misunderstand Sue's reassurance that you can stick through any class by thinking about switching to the next one after a short period of time. His decision to try out different courses until he found ones that worked for him was pretty hilarious! Plus, it made it so much funnier when Frankie and Mike were told off by the principal for a second time! I was totally anticipating the problem to be similar to Sue's... she was so forgettable (or ignorable, really) that nobody knew she was there. Speaking of Sue... how was her manager only 14? That was a little confusing.

The Middle "The Potato" (S05E03): The middle school calls; apparently, Brick hasn't been going to class for six weeks. [how did it take that long to realize the problem??] He claims that he has, and even possesses graded tests, so Frankie and Mike return to the school to tell the principal that she was wrong. Well, Brick's been going to classes... but not the ones he was assigned. [hahaha!] He switched up his course load for classes he'd rather attend, and has been going to those instead. [and none of those teachers were bothered by that fact?] 
ABC/Eric McCandless
The Hecks must return the church van, as their car has been repaired. But, Sue doesn't want to ride the bus, so she tries to work out a system for the three of them to share two cars. [car-sharing is tough. In another few weeks, my husband and I will have been doing it for three years, and sometimes the schedule gets REALLY tricky!] When Frankie and Mike suggest that Sue could work to help cover the cost of a car, she gets excited and rushes to the mall for applications. She's able to land an interview at the food court, and soon becomes a baked potato vendor. [haha, adding her own personal essays to her job applications! when Sue applies for college, this is going to be insane!] However, she is soon upset about wearing a button to promote a "tuna and cheese" potato that she can't stand. She can't bring herself to lie to the customers, so she plans to resign... just before learning that the spud she has to promote changes weekly. [I'm struggling to think of the antics that will ensue with this storyline going forward... but I guess they're there!]

Onward to the oldest Heck child, Axl wants $50 extra per month for a single room, as he hates his roommate. [man, I got so lucky. My freshman roommate got a boyfriend after like two weeks and I only saw her on a monthly basis after that!] Mike and Frankie turn him down, and encourage him to solve his own problems. He gives being friendly a try, but it doesn't help. He even drives home and sleeps there, but the Hecks tell him to go back to school. [love how he threw stuff into a trash bag to bring with him!] When he overhears a girl say that she has her own room because her roommate moved home, he tries to set her up with his roommate, as they both play video games. They get along and start making out, meaning that Axl may soon have access to her room and she can share with BadRoommate. 
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