Tuesday, November 26, 2013

HIMYM: Marshall as Dr. Seuss

So I'm in the minority of people who still enjoy this show and all it has to offer. Because I knew months ago that the entire season would take place over the wedding weekend, the pacing hasn't bothered me, and I am liking all of the creative license that goes along with having so much time to tell the story of a short period. It has been said before that, when you know your series is ending, the writers go bananas and do whatever they want, because there's no reason not to. I think that's what happened here, with the rhyming episode. (though, if I may be so bold, "Canada" and "janitor" is a rough one, all slang considered.) I draw the line at the cutesy lullaby version of theme song, though...

How I Met Your Mother "Bedtime Stories" (S09E11): Saturday, 5pm, 25 hours before the wedding. Marshall and Marvin are on a bus headed to Farhampton, and the tot will only fall asleep to rhymes, so Marshall must entertain him while they miss the rehearsal dinner. He tells three stories about his friends, and various other people assist in the rhyme scheme.

Mosby at the Bat has a young professor asking Ted to dinner so he can show her how to lecture with entertainment. He isn't sure if it's completely a work-related date, so he isn't sure how to play it... until he learns that she previously dated Barney, believing he was Derek Jeter. [nobody will ever do this storyline better than Frasier, though!]

Robin Takes the Cake starts with Robin at a bakery after being dumped. She's pigging out on donuts when she runs into an old ex, Simon. Robin steals his wedding cake and brings it to Ted's. [WHO STEALS A CAKE?? and that would be HEAVY to bring very far!] She winds up eating the entire thing... and washes it down with a keg full of beer. [omg.]
Barney Stinson: Player King of New York City tells the background of how Barney became the "King." He once slept with a girl who lived on E. 22nd St, an area out of his "jurisdiction," earning him a tongue-lashing with the other players. [LOVED that all the players were Neil Patrick Harris! He is so good at everything!] He becomes "King" when he poisons them all.

The episode ends with the bus having a flat tire, and rather than wait over an hour, Marshall decides to start walking the five remaining miles to Farhampton. [Marvin remembers the fireworks he sees that night? I call shenanigans.]
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