Monday, November 25, 2013

Bob's Burgers: Cats and Turkeys

I was pretty much Linda in this episode... I totally felt like barfing at what was happening! I couldn't understand how the turkey in the toilet was repeatedly happening, though the answer at the end of the episode was pretty cute, if not still partially disturbing.
I did find it interesting that both Eve and Tina made cases to sit at the adults' Thanksgiving Dinner table this season, as that is a story that I don't remember seeing in the past. Everyone defaulting to Louise was also amusing, as was short-lived gag that Linda can't keep a secret. Oh! And I also hadn't realized (or maybe I had completely forgotten?) that Gail was Linda's SISTER... I always just thought they were BFFs. This made the song-and-dance number at the end much more exciting.

Bob's Burgers "Turkey in a Can" (S04E05): Gail is staying with the Belchers for Thanksgiving week, with her cats. The whole family is preparing for the holiday, with Tina wanting to wear lipstick, high heels, and sit at the adult's table, and Gene trying to write a holiday song. Meanwhile, Bob starts a three-day salt rub for the Thanksgiving turkey, but in the middle of the night, he finds the turkey in the commode. [gross!] Everyone thinks Louise did it, though she denies it. Bob starts over on a new turkey the next day, but the same thing happens in the night. [seriously??] So, back to the supermarket, where Bob buys two turkeys, a real one and a decoy. [LOVE it. he shouldn't have told anyone, even Linda, though.] But, both are destroyed. [again, seriously?!?!] Bob only told Linda about the decoy, but she can't keep things to herself and told everyone anyway. [haha!] Bob is pissed, and gets ANOTHER turkey. [haha that the guy at the deli thought Bob was interested in him!] During Thanksgiving Dinner, Bob falls asleep when Linda and Gail start singing a song, and he soon sleepwalks the turkey into the bathroom. [I'd probably drop it.] He acts as if it were preschool Tina, learning to toilet train. [whoa. didn't see that coming!] His actions were caused by the allergy pills he was taking to be around Gail's cats, and signified his unwillingness to let go of his little girl. [awwww!] 
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Richard said...

A really heartwarming episode. Bob's Burgers is extremely well written and acted. "Full Bars", "O.T.: The Outside Toilet" and "My Big Fat Greek Bob" are my personal favs!