Sunday, November 3, 2013

Michael J. Fox: Golfing, Renting, Dating

I know that I have seen a lot of television, but when I just see recycled bits thrown together, I get annoyed. Cory and Shawn pulled the "rent out the house" gag on Boy Meets World, and Ross and Joey got locked on the roof on Friends (and it happens to Daphne on Frasier as well). The sad thing is, even with those memorable moments, the Ian/Eve storyline was still preferable to that of Mike/Annie. The low-yielding fundraiser and disability jokes just weren't that interesting! I could have done with more of Leigh/Graham, but only if it played out the right way... parts of it was predictable, though parts were also adorable. I keep saying I'll give this show one more shot, and here I am reiterating that once again!

The Michael J. Fox Show "Golf" (S01E07): Annie and Mike go golfing in New Jersey and stay in the same hotel they went to when they got engaged. A blind guy cuts in front of Mike at check-in, resulting in Mike getting a garden-view suite instead of an ocean-view suite. [I'm always amazed at how much people care about the view when they're at a hotel. I just want a clean room in a safe place, LoL.] Mike and the blind guy wind up golfing together, and after each makes rude comments, the duo is constantly trying to one-up each other. [only funny for an instant - then it got annoying.] The charity really doesn't raise much money, and the Henrys wind up leaving the banquet early and going into the blind guy's room, having sex and getting caught. [who does that??!?]
Eric Liebowitz/NBC
The older two kids rent out their 4/2, but they can't check into a hotel because they're so young. [18 isn't enough? I remember being 21 and staying in a hotel we booked ourselves, but can't put a finger on a trip any younger that wasn't school- or family-sponsored.] So, they buy a $200 tent to stick on the roof, but it blows away and they get locked out up there... in a thunderstorm. [not impressed.] They try to break into their house but wind up getting caught, and say that their parents are the ones who rented it out and left them with nowhere to go. [and somehow this didn't exactly blow up in their faces? also, shout-out to The Mighty Ducks!]

Leigh watches Graham, and he pretends to be her date for the evening. Though he doesn't impress her, when he calls her to watch a movie with the family the next day, she's happy. [awww.]
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