Monday, November 4, 2013

Bob's Burgers: QuickieKissIt

Linda wants a more exciting life, something that has come up from time to time on this show, especially when her husband, Bob, has repeatedly shown no interest in anything more than his ordinary day-to-day life. Fortunately for him, their kids are always ready for an adventure, and plant more into his head than might be there, leading the entire family to face danger and excitement. I generally prefer episodes that center around the restaurant, or at least around the kids, but this wasn't bad. Plus, it's probably the last one focused on Bob and Linda's romantic life for a while...

Bob's Burgers "Seaplane!" (S04E03): Bob and Linda come back from a date night, and Linda is frustrated that they always go to the same place. [that's Bob for ya!] The next day, Linda signs them up for a flying lesson, but Bob is reluctant. Linda goes anyway and has a good time with her instructor, Kurt, though Bob imagines her hating the experience. [I'd love to see more about how they got together, LoL.] Mr. Fischoeder comes over and tells Bob about Kurt's "moves," so Bob and the kids head down to the docks and hop on a ferry to show Linda how much he cares. Meanwhile, Kurt has pretended that he had engine trouble, and is trying unsuccessfully to woo Linda with a champagne picnic and lute music.

When the Belchers get off the ferry, they're not at the right island, so they ask the mailman to take them to Quippiquisset... but as there are no residents there and he can only take them to a nearby island. They go for it, as Linda turns down Kurt's advances and they realize that the plane floated away. [haha. I don't know much about seaplanes, but I do know several people who have had similar mishaps with board, so that made me laugh.] On Chipchaw Island, the family steals a dinghy to get to Linda. [this is a weird version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.] Mr. Fischoeder shows up, towing the plane, and brings everyone back to safety. Except, Kurt and Fischoeder speed along and the plane goes aloft with the Belchers inside, and Bob has to cut them loose while Linda flies the plane and safely lands them. [I sincerely doubt it would have gone that smoothly.]
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