Monday, November 4, 2013

Instant Mom: Stephanie Singing

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I were at the liquor store to pick up a couple bottles of wine for a housewarming dinner. He was in front of me, so it appeared that he was going to pay, only he went to look at a display and I pulled out my wallet instead. The cashier said, "oh, you're paying? I need to see your ID." To me, this said that I looked young enough to have to card, but my husband didn't, despite the fact that he's only five weeks older than I am. It was an interesting moment, as we usually either both get carded or neither of us does. Therefore, I was thoroughly amused at Stephanie's reaction when the person in front of her gets carded but she does not. Regardless, this was a pretty enjoyable episode, with James' trickery being the primary laugh force, am I right?

Instant Mom "Rock Mom" (S01E06): When Stephanie doesn't get carded at a club, she makes a scene, afraid that she looks over 30. Gabby wants to audition for a local band and asks Stephanie for help preparing.
But, Gabby thinks Stephanie's style and dance moves are outdated. [um, they were. especially if Stephanie regularly hits the clubs.] When they get to the audition, the band hears Stephanie helping Gabby and decide to hire the almost-30-year-old, who is shocked to sing in a band of college kids. Gabby and Maggie are both jealous, but when Stephanie gets to the first gig, the band wants her to dress like an old lady, so she quits... but only momentarily. [it was completely outrageous how jealous Stephanie's mother and stepdaughter were, as well as how Stephanie instantly became so as well when someone else will fill in for her.]

The boys talk to a friend who gets money from his grandmother, so they can figure out ways to milk Maggie for cash. [haha!] Maggie catches on and starts getting the boys to do things for her, everything from give her a massage to fold her laundry. After they pumice her feet, they get $50, and that's about the end of their service to her.
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