Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2 Broke Girls: Hair and Han

Well, I'm going to have to side with Caroline - I'm pretty protective of my hair, too. I get very paranoid that someone will cut it wrong, even when I bring multiple pictures. Just last week, in fact, my eyes started to well as I sat in the chair and the Aveda stylist began doing the exact opposite of what I wanted in the front. I've had this problem since I was eleven, actually, and was probably the only fifth grader with a specially requested stylist at Hair Cuttery. Anyway, moving on... 
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I think one of the things that this show is doing well is eliminating the "B story" for the most part. Many comedies go with the A-B (or even A-B-C), as it's tough to write just an "A story" well. Some will argue all day that 2 Broke Girls isn't "good" no matter how you slice it, but I think that the show has its merits, and will benefit from a simpler structure.

2 Broke Girls "And the Piece of Sheet " (S03E06): Caroline flirts with a customer, but Max says she's not good at it. [haha, that's always an odd dig!] When Caroline loses a couple hair extensions, she is paranoid that everyone will find out her hair isn't real, especially when coworker Luis can tell. So, because the girls can actually afford rent and have extra money for once, Caroline uses the cash to get new extensions, plus some pajamas. [I love comfy pajamas, too.] She also springs for some new bedding for Max, but Max can't sleep without her ratty stained sheets, as the pillowcase had sentimental value. This forces the girls to a Salvation Army donation box in the middle of the night, where Max climbs in, only to run into a homeless man inside. [I thought the boxes had been upgraded so people couldn't fit in them anymore? am I making that up?] She can't get her sheets, so Max goes to Sophie's to get a sleeping pill. ["East on the L train," ha!] But, Caroline doesn't want Max taking it, so she tries to coach Max into going to sleep. [Caroline is such a worrier!] Max tears out a few of Caroline's extensions, then gets her a wig, saying that she has to wear it until Max gets her sleep back, to show how strong attachments can be. Caroline maintains that she is not obsessed with her hair, but when she hides in the kitchen when the flirty customer shows up, the jig is up. [LOVED Sophie sneaking Max the drugs and Caroline putting in her own hair extensions.]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $2162.00 [up $150 from last episode.]

2 Broke Girls "And the Girlfriend Experience" (S03E07): Han's mother is coming to visit from Korea, and she's expecting him to have a girlfriend, as he has made one up in their correspondence. [that opening looked like it was cut.] He even sent his mother pictures of a hooker from a website, so he enlists the girls' help to hire her. [haha, he can't talk to her at the club because the bouncer thinks he's a child!] "June Sapphire" is game for The Girlfriend Experience Package, where she'll have to pretend to be a brain surgeon who goes to church and plays classical piano. [he really can pick 'em, huh?] The girls lead a blindfolded Han to their apartment (so he won't know where they live) to discuss some details with June. But, when Han is nervous, Max gives him some weed to relax. It gets worse when June doesn't want to study the info that Han gave his mother about her, figuring that she can fake it. [um, and apparently Caroline speaks a little Korean, as she took it after mastering Japanese.] However, she gets lost when she's asked to pray for the meal, and uses her "Oh, God" sex sounds. [too bad she didn't memorize the good ol' Meet the Parents prayer.] The dinner is rough, so Han asks Max for more weed, but soon comes clean when his mother yells at Max. [I really didn't see him standing up for her!] Well, his mother has dirty laundry of her own to air - her husband cheated on her, so Han doesn't need to worry about trying to be happy like they are.

Cupcakery Savings Total: $2,280.00 [up $118 from last episode.]
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