Saturday, January 11, 2014

Last Man Standing: Eve Gets Political

Eve has long been the most interesting child in this family for me, so I was glad to see an episode dedicated to her... or, well, meant to be dedicated to her. I found this episode to be largely NOT about Eve, which was a bit disappointing, given the title. I have made my peace with the fact that this comedy is going to be full of politics, but whole episodes dedicated to that rather than attitudes and comments here and there is a bit much. There's already plenty of fuel for the fire without trying to bring in extra elements, so I'm a little uncertain for the future of this family show... if it wants to live to see future seasons (and I'm not saying that it should), it's going to have to do better about not putting off its audience.

Last Man Standing "All About Eve" (S03E12): Eve has been re-posting Mike's vlogs on facebook and is getting quite a lot of backlash, though she refuses to stop sharing them, even after it lands her in "a scrap." [what is it, 1960? who calls a fight a scrap? I laughed at Vanessa pointing out that it's gotta be rough to go through highschool as a teenage girl Mike!] Vanessa and Ed both ask Mike to tone down the vlogs for Eve's sake, but he fights censorship as long as he can, eventually stopping himself from venting about tyranny. Mike then tells Eve that she should either get more involved or do less to antagonize others, so she decides to run for class president. Mike follows suit by ranting about taxes on his next vlog.

Everyone in the Baxter household winds up getting in trouble when there's a speed trap in the neighborhood. Mike rolls through a stop sign at 4mph and Vanessa gets caught for speeding in a construction zone, earning them each a ticket.
Mandy also gets pulled over, but uses her looks to get out of it, a method that she uses frequently to help with term paper extensions as well. [Vanessa being upset that she couldn't use her looks bothered me.] Eve waves a sign on the corner to let drivers know about the speed trap, and gets off with a warning about obstructing justice. When talking to the Baxters, the officer recognizes Mike from the vlogs and admits that he, too, hates the government, and agrees to help him out next time. [I was surprised that Eve didn't comment on that when Mike came back inside!] Mike immediately uses a favor to get Vanessa pulled over again, but let her think she's still "got it" by letting her go without a ticket.
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