Friday, January 10, 2014

Big Bang: Penny's Acting, Raj's Dating, Amy's Conflict

Here and there, I walk about how comedies use 1, 2, and 3 plotlines in episodes to best utilize all of the characters. This series is having issues with the three-arc idea... and it's not the first time this season. Of course, it's also worked well for them in the past, but the past two episodes look like they've been stuffed with some garbage to add a third story into the time allotted, and that's not good. Hopefully it's not part of a larger pattern, though it is nice not to have Sheldon the center of attention constantly. Maybe I'm nit-picking, but as much as I love the characters and the energy of this show, I'm going to need the format to get cleaner pretty quickly. Am I alone in this? Does everyone else just love this series so much they don't care?  

The Big Bang Theory
 "The Hesitation Ramification" (S07E12):
Amy gets frustrated when all of the guys are reading their phones during dinner, but Penny rushes in, saying she landed a scene on NCIS with Mark Harmon. [so... she auditioned, was cast, and did the scene all in the same day? and then the episode is to air the following week? sorry, Charlie, people know that's just not how things work!] The group is excited for her, and everyone plans to watch the episode together... only to find out that the scene was cut. [awwwww! like Joey on that Friends episode! also, I really liked Sheldon being upset he missed the first 245 episodes of NCIS.] Penny is devastated, and Leonard fails at consoling her when he says that he doesn't think she'll make it big as an actor. [just like Chandler told Joey!] He later tries to take it all back and help her audition for a part in the new Star Wars movie. [haha, I love that he thought that was helpful!] He is working on apologizing further when a drunk Penny comes over and proposes... leaving Leonard speechless. His pause bothers her and she storms out. Later, Leonard is up late thinking when Sheldon attempts to console him, though Leonard isn't sure if he and Penny have any future together now. [awwwww.]

Raj is upset that using his dog isn't helping him meet women, so Howard tells him to practice talking to "regular" girls and build his way up to "pretty" girls. Raj and Stuart head to the mall to do so, but only wind up talking to a security guard. [ugh, Bernadette's fake laugh at the restaurant!]

Additionally, Sheldon wants to be funny, so he starts trying to figure out the science behind it. [How is "ointment" funny?]

The Big Bang Theory "The Occupation Recalibration" (S07E13): Sheldon is being forced to use his vacation days, so Amy has lunch with Howard and Raj. They meet Bert, a geologist who has a crush on Amy and brings her rocks. [that is so cute.] She decides to make it clear that she has a boyfriend, but she winds up agreeing to go to a rock and mineral show with him anyway. [...because Sheldon would be jealous?? haha.] She asks Howard and Raj how to let him down, and they do it for her by telling him that she's a lesbian... and then they go to the show with him instead.
Monty Brinton/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved
Penny is upset that her career is going nowhere, so she quits the Cheesecake Factory to focus all of her efforts on acting. Leonard says all the wrong things, and Penny asks Sheldon if she's making the wrong decision. [haha, forgetting Sheldon's order one last time!] Sheldon tells her that he became a physicist in the face of adversity, and then they do yoga together. [yep, RANDOM!]

Bernadette accidentally destroys one of Howard's comic books, so she goes to Stuart's shop to replace it, only it's a rare edition he doesn't carry. He tracks down an issue for her after she offers him prescription drugs to speed up the process. [I truly get how pathetic Stuart is supposed to be, but that was just sad.] The owner of the store that carries the book is mean to Stuart, so Bernadette storms out, only to return later when she is alone. [reminded me of the time Niles stood by Martin's side at the cheese shop, only to whisper his order at the end.]
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