Friday, December 13, 2013

Big Bang: Sheldon, Sheldon, Sheldon

The show centering around Sheldon (and, thus, Jim Parsons' acting prowess) gets annoying. It's like when Saved by the Bell would be so Zach-centric that the other characters spent episodes with hardly a mention. Both are ensemble shows, and with a larger ensemble on this comedy as time goes on, it's better not to focus on the same character episode after episode. Granted, in the Christmas episode, Sheldon was used more as a plot device to offer the other characters and viewers alike a chance to look at what could have been, but I'd still prefer more focus on the others, and more interaction with Sheldon that the usual Leonard, Amy, and maybe Penny. Why couldn't Howard or Raj do something with Sheldon once in a while?

The Big Bang Theory "The Discovery Dissipation" (S07E10): Sheldon is interviewed on the radio about his element discovery, as he is now being considered for a Nobel Prize in chemistry. He's still upset about it all being an accident, so Amy brings Wil Wheaton over to talk to him... Wil never liked the attention for being on Star Trek as a child, because people didn't always like him. [you know, I reallllly need to track down an episode of Star Trek with him in it! I still have no idea what they reference when they talk about him on the show as a child!]
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However, Leonard re-ran the tests, and figured out that the element DOESN'T actually exist. Sheldon is upset, but soon retracts his paper. [loved that Sheldon sided with Penny to be against Leonard, even though he didn't understand her comparison!] Leonard and Sheldon are invited to the radio show, but Sheldon cuts off Leonard. [as one would expect!]

Raj's apartment is being tented, so he and his dog stay with Howard and Bernadette for a week. [I forgot about his dog!] Raj is nicer to Bernadette than Howard is, making things awkward. The married couple airs some grievances, like Howard wanting Bernadette to pack his lunches with cute notes, and Bernadette wanting Howard to compliment her and help out around the house. [haha that Raj headed to Leonard's!]

The Big Bang Theory "The Cooper Extraction Theory" (S07E11): Amy and Penny are playing a Wii game while Leonard nurses a sprained ankle. When Sheldon is invited to play, the group learns that he is headed to Texas for the birth of his sister's baby. With Sheldon gone, everyone is free to trim the tree without rules, though Sheldon does Face-Time (or Skype?) quite frequently throughout the gathering. Stuart comes over, and everyone talks about watching It's a Wonderful Life, then wonders about what life would be like if Sheldon was never born. In the alternate reality, nobody would know Amy, who is left to celebrate birthdays alone (omg, I could cry!), Leonard wouldn't have had the courage to ask out Penny at the Cheesecake Factory (therefore Howard - who killed his mother - wouldn't have met Bernadette), Penny would be hot for Sheldon, and Raj would have moved in with Leonard and made such delicious meals that they both got fat. [Stuart trying to add himself into stories was funny. Stuart being Penny's boyfriend in the Fat-Leonard scenario was weird.] The group realizes that Amy has made a deep impact on Sheldon, as he listens to her. [plus, SHE was the one he kept contacting!] Leonard shows Amy that she's on Sheldon's screensaver, which touches her. [why did Sheldon say that he had a lot of tv to catch up on?]
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