Thursday, December 12, 2013

South Park: The War is Over, But Only Beginning

After a week off, we finally find out what happened with the XBOX and PlayStation war, which had quite the lead-up. Sure, it involved eating your family members and beheading people, but what else could really be expected once you realized that the Game of Thrones parody would take on "The Red Wedding" ?? The customized introduction was cool, but with the storyline so drawn out, I was really over it before the end, which was sad. Stone and Parker were right back at it the next week, however, tackling yet another war - the body image issues which have plagued our country for years but have recently gained a lot more attention. Unfortunately, I don't mean recently as in the past month or so, forcing the creators to draw from older information, which doesn't necessarily result in their best work. The Hobbit comparison was timely, of course, but ultimately timeless, as those who have read the Tolkien works are well aware of what the creatures look like.
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South Park "Titties and Dragons" (S17E09): The XBOX kids surrender, but only because they think it's the only way for everyone to get a console. [haha!] The PS4 kids try to take over the mall-adjacent Red Robin by renting it out "for a wedding." Kenny, who is off saving PS4 shipments as a princess, receives his invitation and takes off for the "Red Robin Wedding." Bill Gates calls Cartman, who is still continuing to make secret plans in someone else's garden. [the horse penises had me rolling!] Cartman then defecates in the garden and blames Stan to get him grounded.

George R. R. Martin cuts the ribbon for Black Friday, but when he spends too long talking about his penis, someone just cuts it off. [omfg!] Bill Gates and the SONY President show up just as the kids are trying to double-cross one another, and as battles happen all across the mall, the XBOXers win, and the kids get their consoles amongst dozens of dead bodies. [was that footage from TV news this year? also, weird homage to A Charlie Brown Christmas.]

South Park "The Hobbit" (S17E10): The cheerleaders are practicing, and Wendy tries to encourage Lisa, the self-proclaimed fat and ugly one. Lisa has a crush on Butters, and Wendy encourages her to ask him out - but he turns her down because she's fat. [awww, Butters! you were one of my favorite characters!] Wendy goes on the warpath, telling Butters that photoshop ruins the lives of girls by forcing them to try living up to unrealistic expectations. Butters cries to the counselor about Wendy poking fun at Kim Kardashian, and Kanye shows up to defend Kim, though he's not good at it. Speaking of Kanye, Pope Francis wins the Person of the Year award, and Kanye interrupts the acceptance speech to defend Kim once again. [the comparison of Kim to the actual Hobbits was hilarious.]

Wendy then photoshops a picture of Lisa to show Butters how it works, and he falls for the picture, deciding to give Lisa candy and flowers. [that was really funny, guys.] But, Clyde asks out Lisa and brings her around school, showing the picture of photoshopped Lisa to people rather than introducing the real Lisa. [holy cow that's ridiculous and unbelievable. but a nice satire.] Everyone thinks that Wendy is jealous of Lisa, but other girls ask Wendy to photoshop them, too. [whaaaa???] She says no, but the girls just go to the gym and photoshop themselves there, under the guidance of a trainer. [hahahahaha!!!!!] Stan asks Wendy for photoshopped pictures of herself to show people, but she just starts pointing out everyone in school's flaws. Wendy goes to the news and tries to ban the use of photoshopped images, but she winds up photoshopping herself in the end anyway, as the credits roll. [that's what makes this a sad and terrible episode with a lot of truth. what a way to end the season!]
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