Thursday, November 21, 2013

South Park: Black Friday Continues

I wasn't sure how great my expectations would be, given the opening portion of this storyline, but they might have been a little high, as I was not impressed with this episode in any way. Perhaps the upcoming third part will really bring it all to a nice closure, but we'll have to wait to see! I think what I'm actually more curious about, however, was the "this episode was brought to you by XBOX One" message... was it a joke, was there a bidding war, was PlayStation even interested, who will sponsor next week's episode?
Comedy Central
South Park "A Song of Ass and Fire" (S17E08): Because of the death of the security guard, another 10% will be taken off (making that 90%!!) for the first 30 shoppers. [I still don't fully understand how the mall is going to handle such a thing!] Cartman calls Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, but the guy is confident that a console war is not a real war, so Cartman sends Butters to New Mexico to ask George R. R. Martin for help. [hahaha! nice themed opener as well!] They ask when the dragons will show up, and although Martin agrees to tell them, he has so much detail before that part (complete with a lot of sexual commentary), that the kids decide to bail early. [the diabetic issues were a strange twist?] To help the boys, though, Martin gets the date of Black Friday to move to December 6th. This causes the mall to go to 96% off for the first 100 people. Meanwhile, Bill Gates has Ballmer murdered so he can actually build the war on Black Friday. [dang.] Gates plans to actually help XBOX-seekers fight through the crowds, so he supplies them with axes and guns. [this is really getting intense, guys!] Cartman and crew talk to Kenny and say that the PS4 kids can't possibly win, but SONY makes Kenny a (anime) princess with a brooch, so who knows...
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