Thursday, November 14, 2013

South Park: XBOX vs. PS4

My jaw dropped at the end of this episode because I was completely believing that it would finish the storyline in time. But, Matt Stone and Trey Parker wouldn't have started a November 29th story on November 13th for no reason! This has the potential to even be a three-parter, which would be significantly interesting. I already found the premise to be quite appealing, though I kept yelling at those kids, wondering why they weren't in line yet if there were clearly adults crowding the mall. I guess we'll find out how it all comes together, though it seems no official word has yet been given regarding what might be in store for the additional installment(s) of this one!

South Park "Black Friday" (S17E07): The South Park Mall announces that, on Black Friday, the first 30 people will get 80% off of their purchases. Security is beefed up, and Randy begins work on the crew. However, he is actually just trying to beat the Black Friday customers by already being inside the mall when it opens. [clever. can't repeat it, but not a bad ploy.] When Randy's boss is stabbed handing out wristbands, Randy admits the truth, but is still placed in charge. [and given a scarred eye patch!]

Meanwhile, the kids are scheming to make sure that they are able to use the 80% off on the newest video game console. Except, once they band together in cosplay, they realize that not everyone is after the same gaming device! Cartman heads up a group for the XBOX One while Stan recruits kids for the PlayStation 4. [there's also a new Elmo doll up for grabs, just to keep things interesting.] Cartman talks to Kenny about Kyle's loyalty, but Kenny is the one who goes over to the other side.
Comedy Central
Sony starts to worry that XBOX will make more sales, so they offer a special "Brack Friday Bunduru" to draw more interest. [I get the joke on the "L" vs "R" situation, but how does "bundle" become "bunduru" ???]
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